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The Seal of Rain, the seal of the nation, its government and its people

Welcome to Rain of God! We hope you enjoy your stay and would love to see you again.

Rain of God is a peaceful nation with a desire to better itself and the nations around it. We are proud of our governmental system and the people that run it.

The Holy Empire of Rain of God is a huge, devout nation, renowned for its compulsory military service.

Its compassionate population have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often

They tend to view other, more capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Religion & Spirituality.

Rain_of_God is a proud UN Member. Un member.jpg

Rain of God
Flag of Rain of God
Motto: Be Here or Be Gone
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Region Rineu
Capital Tome
Official Language(s) English
Leader Benjamin the Great
Population 600,000,000
Currency Hour 
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Rain of God has three main houses of government with its respective parties.


The Congress controls all aspects of government judiciary power and enforcement.

The congress is further broken down into two separate entities, the Courts and the Police Force. Both are kept together in order that one may not be allowed to grow more powerful than the other.


The House voices the peoples opinions and wishes into its serving government.

The house members are all elected by the people, but not all are allowed to vote. Only those citizens which own land and have lived at least 20 years in Rain of God are allowed to vote. Many other restrictions are placed on the voting individual to make sure that only the most capable citizens are allowed to vote. Even with all of the restrictions in place the country sees much higher numbers vote than any other surrounding nations.

Office of the President

The office of the president is vacant, because there is no need for this position to be filled right now. The people of Rain know that they can not trust one man to run their land. For this will lead to a dictatorship and sorrow for all of Rain.

This position is used for ceremonies and international relations. When a formality may arise, an individual is temporarily elected to fill the position.
Office of the President


Rain of God is an old, lush nation, nestled between the Granger Mountains and the Charred Sea. Rain of God has a moderate climate, the warmest part being close to the sea, with the cold region close to the mountains. The largest river, the Pine, flows down from the Granger Mountains to the Charred Sea. The Charred Sea is also known as the "Blue Diamond" because of its dark, clear color. Most of the coasts are sand, but there is also a vast amount rock shore.

Many homes are located near the sea, allowing the countries sea trade to flourish. In times of war the county is completely self supportive, allowing the country to export more, therefor increasing the profitability of Rain. This is also the countries greatest attraction to invading nations. All of which wanting to pillage the nations resources.



Rain_of_God, formally known as the Sovereign State of Bania, has been through quite a change. Formally a supreme dictatorship, and world leader in the slave trade, Rain_of_God has ended tyranny in its bloody civil war.


Declaring its independence in 1875, May 5th, Bania was a young innocent nation, wanting and willing to grow.

The young nation forgot several crucial steps toward democracy, mainly their constitution. Through manipulation and powerful corrupt friends, Damian Tish was able to place himself as supreme ruler of Rain. Only the true citizens that loved Rain_of_God stood in resistance of this false king. This small group was imprisoned and the slave trade in Rain started.

This is certainly the darkest of times in Rain, but a bright hope was to be seen in the future.


The date and place of birth, of the rebellion leader, Phileas Mont has never been revealed, but never has Rain_of_God raised a better patriot than he.

On the 5th of August, 1902, Mont infiltrated the castle of Tish, taking every precaution, it is said that Mont laid under a bed for three days until he was sure that he would not be seen. No one knows what went on in that room, deep in the castle, no one knows how Mont convinced Tish to release his hold on the country, no one know anything.
13 Year War

A peace was declared by the two men, and Tish was to renounce his claim to the throne, a bright future was in store for Rain, but alas, Tish was an evil man. And held only his own safety before that of Rain, Tish set fire to the capital of Tome, and fled the capital.

War Memorial Built to remind the us of the horrors of the past, and the glory of the future

Civil war then broke out, the loyalist to the king followed suite, burning cities, and towns. Caring for no man other than himself. Mont was the first to lead the attack against Tish, a war that would not end for 13 long years. The final battle was fought upon a hill beside the then burned capital Tome.

Both leaders, Tish and Mont were slain, and the Holy Empire of Rain_of_God was born.


After the great war, a governmental summit was held, in which leaders from all over Rain were brought together to draft the constitution and elect temporary leaders. The following May 5th, elections were held. Rain has enjoyed the fruits of Democracy but also the horrers of a mad tyrant.

God save this government, and preserve the people.


Rain of God
Nation: Rain_of_God
Function: Tome
Population: 315,014,000
Leader: Merdon Somon

See our related page about our glorious capital city.[1]Tome

Tome is the center of Rain, with its great diversity and cultural heritage, it is considered the art lovers paradise. Home to the nations government, Tome is also a center of law and order. Many credit the near zero crime rate to the non-existent gun control laws. Any law abiding citizen may own a gun. But with great power comes great responsibility, no law offender is allowed a gun, and is put to death if one is found on their person.

Current Region, Rineu

The Shield of Rineu, the symbol of the Region, its Assembly and its Government

345g00m.png Rineu
Forum: http://forums.rineu.co.uk/

The Region of Rineu Forums

Population: 110 nations approx.
Capital: City of Rineu
Delegate: 2qm12bm.jpg Prime Minister, the Republic of the People of Neudegg
Founder: 2zevuk2.jpg Grand Head of State, the Federation of Rineu
Prime Minister: 64197yp.jpg The Holy Empire of Rain_of_God
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

With time comes change, and Rain_of_God has been forced to look for a brighter feature for its people. Rineu[2] has been a close ally of the NAS and was chosen by the people as the best location.

A full region with a flourishing government and strong allies. Rineu is sure to stand the test of time, already being ranked 23 out of all NationStates Regions.

Visit the forum, take a look around. [3]

Rain currently serves the region in several different capacities.

Minister of the Exterior, Defence, and Promotion of Peace

Much like the NAS government office, this ministry also oversees the regional militia, and hosts all Peace Summits.


While the Recruiting comity gets its job done, bringing in many nations to help build a stronger Rineu, Rain feels that a more personal approach in necessary when inviting nations to Rineu. A customized message is sent to each and every nation that Rain contacts.

Political Parties

There are currently three political parties active in the Assembly:

  • 2ryg4dx.png Rineu Parliamentarian Party (RPP) - the RPP stands for the decentralization of power, and the protection of minority rights.
  • 2mgjqbl.gif Rineu Liberal Tolerance Party (RLTP) - the RLTP stands for nations right to control their own domestic interests while protecting liberal policies at a regional level.
  • 4hth500.png Rineu Social Democratic People's Party (RSDPP) - the RSDPP believes in zero regional involvement with how nations run their countries but rather in Social Democracy for the all the citizens of this region with a view to seek a just society at a regional level.

Rain is a member of the Rineu Parliamentarian Party. Rain feels that this party best represents his peoples values and ideas.

Previous Career in the The Non Aligned States

Rain was part of the region, The Non Aligned States. [4]

The The Non Aligned States is an active region with its own forum and constitution. All member nations are encouraged to take an active role in their regions government. Please visit the forum. [5] A representative to serve in the NAS is elected to a life-long term.

Responsibilities of this representative include...

Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry is in charge of all inter-regional relationships. The face of the NAS to the rest of the world.

It is important for all ambassadors to present a clean, professional, and polite face. This will allow the NAS to grow with its neighbors, and call on them in times of need, also offering aid to other regions that may need it.



The NAS is always grown, and this is only possible through the long hours put in by the Ministry of Immigration.

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Billopesha, Charred Knights, Dukam, Ethan Smith, Fahadia, Jambone, Mafertopia, Rain of God, Schneeflocke, Sinisland.

Ex-members: Boshka, Dyonistan, Laststandb, Neudegg, Niploma.

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