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The Farmina-Random Kingdom War was the larger of two wars against the Holy Empire of Farmina. The other was Mondoth vs Farmina, which resulted in a draw, due to the fact that neither side was prepared to commit the resources nor the political capital required to secure victory. It is usually placed in RK timelines as starting in 2020 and ending in 2025 (the occupation lasting until 2040), though most of these years consisted of preparation and occupation. Farmina's placement of the war and occupation is over 2003 to 2005.

Roster of Known Participants

(and others)


(and others)

Declared Neutral Parties:

  • Macisikan (used to route futile espionage division from Random Kingdom)
  • Risban

The Beginning

Random Kingdom declared war for a second time in 2020, on the Holy Empire of Farmina, on grounds of "human rights atrocities". Immediately there was a split of opinion, and as a result, nations joined on both sides, apparently, however, there was more allies on Farmina's side than on RK's (Random Kingdom was the perceived aggressor). Despite technically opening the conflict; the war started with lockdowns and defensive preparation in RK, while an offensive strategy was endorsed in Farmina and by its allies. From the start RK was doomed, due to a lack of both defensive and offensive potential, and a slapshod "voluntary army" being the only armed force it could muster. For the opening months nothing major happened on either side, due to a Mondothian blockade of Farmina, and the dispute started to become a cold war. Farminan naval forces eventually broke out of the Mondothian blockade and moved to seal off naval supplies to Random Kingdom. The beginning of the end was confirmed when, the nation of Wolfish entered the war.


Teams of spies from both Random Kingdom and Celtayoshi attempted to gather information (RK agents were also charged with sabotaging efforts), however, RK's mission was somewhat flawed as RK was not positioned close to Farmina, and Farmina was watching the skies for paradroppers. Therefore, a series of plans to attempt to get RK agents through the border, eventually culminating in a joint effort between RKian and Celtayoshian agents. The mission never started, as the war ended shortly after transport was arranged.

The Bombings

Wolfish airforces, supported by their lesser Farminan counterparts, at the command of Justinian of Farmina, began a campaign to cripple Random Kingdom by striking at its infrastructure, especially the power grid. Bombings on power plants caused blackouts and shutdowns throughout the nation, causing the fortress-worlds of the cities to slowly die. (The gates had to be opened with electric power, and therefore all of the gates were closed, and food deliveries etc. could not enter except via helicopter, and most of the helicopters were in use transporting food for the volunteers). Although these initial attempts only made RKians angrier, the final blow by Wolfish - an attack on a power plant accounting for the majority of the then capital New Hope's power, plunged the city into darkness, bringing with it most of the espionage attempts, and, most importantly, the Core Government Module - Random Kingdom's experimental computerised government project. The nation plunged into anarchy, and shortly after, Random Kingdom officially lost the war, without delivering a single offensive.

"The Last Stand" of Random Kingdom

After RK lost the war, many citizens committed suicide and razed the land around them, to attempt to make the Farminans unwelcome. However, the nation was still taken, and the so-called "Last Stand" is sometimes regarded as being futile. In an attempt by the RKians to hide most of the technology that RK stored in the capital, it was secretly copied, and then a nuclear missile was fired into the capital, obliterating it.


Following the collapse of the RK government, Farmina committed a large number of ground forces, to what it referred to as the “democratisation and modernisation” of Random Kingdom in what would be known as New Kingdom or New Random Kingdom, with its capital at Victory Point.

Debate continues over whether the Farminan occupation was an act of oppression or liberation in both countries. Even when Farminan forces actually ended the occupation remains debated. The official Farminan position is that the military only remained in New Kingdom for a year and a half, to carry out elections and enforce the authority of the new democratic government.

Despite a heavy handed approach to ensure the authority of the pro-capitalism democratic government, corruption saw the system weaken after the Farminan withdrawal, and in the end collapse, returning to socialism. At the time of New Kingdom’s collapse, Farmina was unable to dedicate resources due to the collapse of the imperial monarchy. Since the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Farmina, officials have shown no sign of undoing the New Kingdom collapse, with the exception of a large loan to a dissident, pro-Farminan faction led by Salera Bonman-Perita.