Randy Richter

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Competition Medal Record
Bronze Tyrellia Men's 200m Butterfly
Silver Tyrellia Men's 100m Butterfly
Gold Tyrellia Men's 4x100m Freestyle
Gold Tyrellia Men's 4x100m Medley

Randy Richter is a Starblaydi swimmer. His speciality stroke is the Butterfly, for which he was sent by the Starblaydi Athletic Association to the Tyrellian Ylompic Games in Casari to compete.

He was entered in the 100m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly and the 4x100 Freestyle and Medley events.

In Tyrellia, at the Ylompic Aquatic Center, he won Starblaydia's first medal of the Games, a Bronze in the 200 metre Butterfly. Butterfly certainly proved to be his strong suit, as he qualiifed in the fastest time for the 100m Butterfly Final. He medalled yet again over the shorter distance - a step up from his previous - with a silver medal to add around his neck. Randy also qualified second-fastest for the the final of the 100m breaststroke, though could only manage 5th place.

A medal of each colour soon came his way in the team swimming event as he took the second leg of the 100m relay. Andy Goodwin, himself, Kevin Lee and Larry LaPlanza qualified third-fastest for the Final and then improved upon their combined time by a tenth of a second in the Final to take Gold, a third of a second ahead of their nearest competitors. The relay team's dominance was soon shown as the exact same four-man combination won the 4x100 Medley relay.

He proved himself, in Casari, as one of Starblaydia's brightest swimming stars.