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The Rapaii 15 Club (meaning Predator 15) is a society for Starblaydi footballers who have scored fifteen international goals for their country, while playing for the national football team. There are currently twenty-five members.

Some of the members are actually midfielders, though not being strikers a tally of fifteen goals is actually much harder to reach from midfield. There are four female members and three Dwarves.


Syku Lyku-Agbayani, 20
Lawrence Asante, 24
Darius Belizaire, 20
Rajko Dakic, 22
Simeone Di Bradini, 44
Donii, 15
Cherry Garcia, 16
Eomer Hall, 21
Kili Izretar*, 15
Jakkinho, 18
Johan Keifner, 47
Nikola "Laser" Lazerevski, 15 (Founder and Chairman)
Giovanni Lopez, 15
Jacqueline Maitland, 59
Kaza Matranga, 42
Menecrates, 30
Tetsuo Naoki, 17
Paul Noble, 27
Durum Rage, 24
Raphaelo, 25
Dasha Tolkacheva, 52
Zhorin Tumunzahar, 44
Nuno Volaré, 16
Maivia Von Erich, 15
Fillipo Zinaldi, 18
* denotes player still active in international competition