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Many think that Rastaban's religion is solely based on or around dragons. That is not true. For as long as people have lived inhabited the land of Rastaban they have worshiped the gods. These are the creator gods, the ones that formed their earth and created man. Each child upon being birth is given a patron god, whether it one of the cardinal gods or one of the secondary gods, everyone is given one. If a person by chance isn't given a patron god (they were born else where) then they can be adopted by a god. They just need to go to the Temple of the Gods.

The Temple of the Gods is for all the gods of Rastaban have a small alcove dedicated to them, where a statue is of each god. The high priest or priestess of all the gods can be found within. It is he or she that one must petition to be "adopted" by a god.

Most Rastabites are devout to their native religion. Many practice the ancient magic that is in their religion, but few are gifted in such areas.

Rastabites worship four main, or cardinal gods:

  • Sui, the dragon wind god of the north.
  • Ho'huang, the phoenix fire goddess of the east.
  • Toboga, the dolphin water goddess of the south.
  • And Ois'in, the stag earth god of the west.

Under each cardinal god are two secondary gods-

Akshi, goddess of war and death; Tarv'aa, god of knowledge.
Kinahau, goddess of the sun and magic; Lugus, god of artisans.
Mwet-si, goddess of the moon; C'hel, the god of marriage and the home.
Ois'in: Uir, goddess of justice; Ishja, god of love.

And under these gods are many, many demi-gods. Sui is the leader of all the gods.

Along side of the gods are angels, but held in a completely different respect. There isn't much information about them. But they aren't worshiped and no one prays to them. All that is known is that the angels rule in the heavens while the gods rule on Earth. Angels concern themselves with the spirit, while the gods look over their mortal lives.

Creation Myth

According to the creation myth believed by Rastabites the demi-gods were reproducing at rapid speeds and becoming an annoyance to the higher gods. The cardinal gods decided they needed to create a being that would even things out, yet be intelligent. With earth provided by Ois'in and water provided by Toboga they formed two figures; male and female. Ho'huang the fired them so they would not fall apart. Sui then breathed life into them.

The cardinal gods taught them what they knew, and then ordered the secondary gods to the same. Satisfied that the humans knew enough they let them live by themselves among the numerous demi-gods. Soon though the humans had reproduced numbers almost as much near the demi-gods.

This then leads into other myths where the demi-gods discovered that they could couple with humans.

Rastabites and the Guardians

It is said that before the six Houses were founded that two tribes of people were wandering the earth, looking for a place to call home. They came upon a land where being called Guardians were abundant. These were actually children of Sui descended through his coupling with and a demi-god.

These two peoples were already gifted in magical things. The Guardians knew much on this subject for Kinahau herself had taught them. They offered to teach these mortals and how to tame the wild dragon the roams the lands. The leaders of the two people then became know as Azhdeha and Rastaban. Then came three more peoples. Rastaban taught them and their leaders became known as Tiamat, Hashteher, and Anguis. Anguis and his people wanted to know more and asked Azhdeha to teach them. Then lastly came one more people whom became known as Draco and were taught by Azhdeha.

This started a long line of tradition of being taught by Guardians. Today it is mainly limited to those prominent in the six Houses. Guardians themselves have lost touch with this tradition and have slowly disappeared. Still there are those that haven't.

The Queen and her Sacred Creatures

The Queen of Rastaban is identified with both the dragon and the phoenix. The dragon represents the masculine decisions and situations she must deal with while the phoenix represents the feminine side, love and compassion for her country.

Worship where?

Rastabites who practice Traditional Religion (as its been come to called) worship out doors, often within a grove a trees. It is believed that to be come more in touch with the gods while you worship, you need to be free from all man made structures. True, the temples of the gods are built around these places of worship, but the trees were there first, not the people. When the queen make a public statement, she often firsts makes it outside man made confines, for all the people, and the gods, to hear. Only second does she make it in a pressroom with cameras everywhere.

Other Religions

Rastaban welcomes all religions so long as they are peaceful and do not practice the harm of others or hate. Currently, in the capital, New Avalon, there is a temple dedicated to Eris Kallisti, who Prince Daniel personally knew.