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Flag of Ravea
Motto: "There is no time limit to solving a mystery"
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Region The Hammerian Protectorate
Official Language(s)
Population 2.2 billion
Currency Gold Piece 
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One of the worst sporting nations in history, Ravea won the wooden spoon in Field Hockey World Cup 7 with a 0-0-3 record and in qualification for World Cup 17 became the only nation ever to lose every single match (one of their 14 losses was a record 1:10 defeat to Rejistania). To quote Ravea's RP in FHWC7: "---Ravea gets the living hell beaten out of them---" (always) However, the Ravean Ravens have proven themselves to be fearsome opponents in the International Dodgeball League.

In non-sporting fields, Ravea are the envy of many other nations:

Culture: Ravean Culture is similar to that of the Swiss. The average Ravean is usually quite liberal and prefers to be left alone.

Military: Although Ravea is a strong Peace Advocate, it still possesses a formidable military force. Ravea has a rather weak Navy but is strong in both the air and on the ground. Ravea has rarely used it's military.

Social: Ravea is an very liberal country, providing Same-Sex marriges and universal health care. Crime is very low due to high education standards and a powerful police force.

Environment: Ravea is a powerful presence in the Environmental world. It gives billions to preservation groups and utilizes alternative fuel sources.

Business: Ravea has a staggering economy. While income tax is 100%, the average GDP rounds out to over $35,000 per person. (As of August 17, 2005 [RL dateline], GDP by Commerce Heights definitions was $35,046.07 per person.) Ravea's greatest economic power is the Information Technology company Core Mobius. Taxes are greatest for the wealthy and Ravea puts a great deal of money towards Commerce. Less than 3% of the population are unemployed.