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Starblaydia Rayzors
SportIce Hockey
ManagerCoach Haztarr
HonoursFive-Time Cherry Cup Champions (5, 8, 15, 16 & 18), Runners-up (10)

Rayzors History

The Starblaydia National Ice Hockey team, known as the Rayzors, are the most successful Ice Hockey nation in Cherry Cup (and therefore in world) history, having won the tournament a record five times. They previously tied only nouveau-hockey-superpower Robotopolis and arch-nemesis Tanah Burung on two Cups won before the Cherry Cup 15 victory. Defending their title in Kaze Progressa against legendary Kalaallit Nunaat cemented their status as the greatest hockey team ever, re-inforced in Cherry Cup 18 by defeating Pacitalia and taking a fifth Championship. The Rayzors' motto is "Rayzors all the way, baby!"

Ice Hockey was a sport not often practised in Starblaydia until the advent of the 5th Cherry Cup and Starblaydia's incredible debut win. With a record fifth Cherry Cup title, Ice Hockey is now second in the sporting participation rankings in Starblaydia, though most of these participants are Dwarves.


  • Cherry Cup 5 Champions
  • Cherry Cup 8 Champions
  • Cherry Cup 10 Runners-up
  • Cherry Cup 15 Champions
  • Cherry Cup 16 Champions
  • Cherry Cup 18 Champions

Tournament History

In Cherry Cup 5 an all-Human team, who could barely skate in a straight line, somehow managed to take the ultimate prize by beating Tanah Burung in a Seven-Game Final Series. This Cup was marred by the host nation, The Gulf States, having the exclusive broadcasting rights to the tournament which prevented many fans from really getting into the Cup. Winners
Cherry Cup 6 saw the victorious Rayzors return again, minus Jordy McCliff, though they could not repeat their previous victory as Tanah Burung took the title.
Cherry Cup 7 was an experiment in Human-Dwarf relations as a team of Humans and Dwarves attempted to reclaim the title. A lack of team unity, however, prevented them from going all the way.
Cherry Cup 8 saw an all-dwarf team, coached by the ever-unpredictable Coach Haztarr travek to Iansisle and dominate throughout the second-half of the Tournament, winning their Qualifing Group on the last Matchday. A 7-0 victory over Kalaallit Nunaat in the Semi-Finals of Cherry Cup 8 resulting in the banning of Dwarven races (and any male or female under 5' and 4'6" respectively) from the Inuit nation as Starblaydia progressed to the Final. There they beat Tanah Burung once again to enter the history books. Winners
Cherry Cup 9 saw an 11-1 win over hosts Oliverry on the second Matchday, though the Defending Champions were downed by 'those dammned Frenchies' 4-0 in the Quarter-Finals. The hosts then went on to defeat unbeaten-in-regular-time Vilita in the Semis and also took the Championship itself at home, using Oliverrian referees. Quarter-Finals
Cherry Cup 10 did not start well for Starblaydia, with two straight losses in Tanah Burung amid off-rink controversey. Two straight wins, however, got the Rayzors back into a Wild Card position for the Play-offs, which they took and progressed all the way to the Final itself, losing to the dreaded Kalaallit Nunaat. Runners-Up
Cherry Cup 11 saw a relatively-poor Rayzors team travel to Chicanada, though they managed to top the Livingston Division with a late run of good form, though they lost to Vilita in the Quarter-Finals, they made it to the 5th-Place Play-off to defeat the Very Angry Rabbits 10-9 in Overtime. 5th Place.
Cherry Cup 12 had the Rayzors travelling to Iansisle once more and they even made the last-16 Knockout rounds, though they were mostly drunk at the time. They eventually fell to Liverpool England in the Quarter-Finals, earning the Englanders an award from the 'Iansisle Anti-Starblaydian League'. Quarter-Finals
Cherry Cup 13, held in Hockey Canada, saw the much-hyped 'Upset of the Century' as Harlesburg beat the Rayzors 3-1 in the Group Stages, due to the Rayzors' innate skill and the Harlesburgians complete lack of said skill. Cherry Cup historians, however, pointed to Starblaydia in Cherry Cup 5. 'Nuff said', as the saying goes. After denying Robotopolis a 'threepeat', old enemies Tanah Burung stopped Starblaydia in the Quarter-Finals.
Cherry Cup 14 saw a Starblaydi team get knocked out at the earliest available group stage. Why this happened is quite unknown, but reports of pairs of Halflings standing on each other's shoulders while wearing kit designed for a Dwarf still circulate...
Cherry Cup 15 in Chicanada saw a resurgent Rayzors side engage in a memorable drunken brawl (it started as a brawl, then became a drunken one as the only way to calm it down) with Burungi players which lifted Starblaydi spirits and sent the team to the Final Match against Sarzonia in Southampton, Chicanada, the same city where Iskara Daii won the Football Champions League title. There they won a record third Cherry Cup title, making Starblaydia the most successful Ice Hockey nation in the world. Winners
Cherry Cup 16 cemented the Rayzors' global hockey dominance as they successfully defended their title, becoming the second team to do so after Robotopolis' incredible feat some cups ago. After getting revenge on Harlesburg for Cherry Cup 13, Starblaydia trashed Kalaallit Nunaat 8-2 to confirm their place as the GOAT. Greatest Of All-Time. Winners.
Cherry Cup 17 hesitantly took the Rayzors to Oliverry once more, in conjunction with Hockey Canada. Despite breezing through the early rounds with free-scoring play, the Quarter-Finals were Starblaydia's final match as Bettia stopped them with a 2-1 win in a game that needed three periods of Overtime, putting paid to a fifth Cherry Cup. Quarter Finals.
Cherry Cup 18 was held in Krytenia and saw Starblaydia breeze past their Group opponents, including a 10-0 thrashing of Vilita. Then impressive victories over old enemies Tanah Burung and Oliverry in the knockouts saw them face Pacitalia in the Final, a debut nation trying to achieve just what the Rayzors did in their first cup. The Rayzors, however, defeated those ambitions 4-2 in the Final. Winners.

Rayzors Personnel

A list of every player or coach who has represented Starblaydia in the Cherry Cup.


  • Dagmer Cleftjaw (Cherry Cup 5,6 & 7)
  • Coach Haztarr (Cherry Cup 8 - Present)

Human Players

  • Position, Number, Name, Team
  • C, 4, Ulfrik Holt, Ionia Hawks
  • C, 69, Tomas Heiderson, Samosisos Blues
  • C, 12, Helmut Magnusson, Tournet Deities
  • LW, 7, Ragnar Larsson, Gar-Hallad Thunder
  • RW, 82, Oberyn Baratheon, Jhanna Combatants
  • RW, 10, Sven Fletcher, Penningworth Panthers
  • LW, 18, Theon Greyjoy, Tabeck Swans
  • LW, 72, Gregor Pyke, Achaeos Avalanche
  • RW, 59, Ludwig Rotsheiss, Hersch Giants
  • D, 53, Andall Dayne, Ephesus Iguanas
  • D, 33, Magnus Tawney, Tabeck Swans
  • D, 38, Dagor Saagt, Gar-Hallad Thunder
  • D, 61, Erik Wynch, Ionia Hawks
  • D, 36, Pieter Merlyn, Penningworth Panthers
  • D, 84, Dolf Stonehouse, Gar-Hallad Thunder
  • D, 27, Timmett Saltcliffe, Bisarley Bluejays
  • D, 34, Jordy McCliff, Sciapos Riders
  • G, 91, Olaf Goodbrother, Gar-Hallad Thunder
  • G, 2, Marty Murphy, Penningworth Panthers
  • G, 95, Petyr Andersson, Tournet Deities

Dwarven Players

  • Name, Position, Team
  • Thyria (formerly Thror) Honnhirrim, C, Electrickery Guild
  • Gromril Tamanubaz, C, BeardBraiders United
  • Floror Hemanguroth, C, Brewer's Team
  • Nebazarr Mahamhir, C, Runic Guild
  • Thorin Nibin, W, Brewer's Team
  • Thrain Naugrim, W, Brewer's Team
  • Haradin Azanulbizarn, W, Electrickery Guild
  • Thorion Ganuztar, W, Runic Guild
  • Gonotrill Harantzim, W, Mountain Mithrils
  • Banghiman Fortrekhir, W, Electrickery Guild
  • Thorin Hazbathim, W, Runic Guild
  • Gotrek Ramanzabar, W, Mining Co-Operative Guild
  • Thingol Zaram, D, Electrickery Guild
  • Dimrill Barazinbar, D, Brewer's Team
  • Fingon Nongortheb, D, Runic Guild
  • Danwedh Turgrim, D, Brewer's Team
  • Balak Fingorram, D, Engineering Union
  • Hagard Haztarr, D, BeardBraiders United
  • Nurri Temekrahin, D, Mining Co-Operative Guild
  • Dagnir Tumunzahar, G, Mining Co-Operative Guild
  • Grimcrag Torinzahar, G, Mining Co-Operative Guild
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