Red Liberty Alliance

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Red Liberty Alliance
Members: 10 regions
Type: Left Wing Defenders
Forum: Red Liberty Alliance forums

The Red Liberty Alliance (RLA) is a left wing defender alliance. Started by Allied States of EuroIslanders and The Proletariat Coalition after the dissolution of the MASS Alliance, it currently has 10 regions as members. It recently created a diplomatic wing to facilitate discussion about global diplomatic issues. The Red Liberty Alliance's goals are to unite the left-wing in common defense of their common ideologies.

Current members of the RLA

History and Formation of the Red Liberty Alliance

The MASS Alliance held out just long enough to see the end of it's only major opponent - the Atlantic Alliance. The AA had attacked Cuba some time ago and the MASS Alliance had rallied to Danitoria of the ASE to oust the invaders and restore some sanity to the region. The Proletariat Coalition, The Lefts Nirvana and the Alliance of Socialist States, each treaty partners of the Allied States of EuroIslanders, came to aid the defence, and with them came the ADN, Freedom Fighters, forces from the United States and various other defender groups, bringing the endorsements of Danitoria to over forty in the space of two days.

The MASS Alliance expired due to the fall into inactivity of Anarchy, the AoSS, Marxism and the Urbanites - four core regions of the organisation. EuroSoviets, Arnarchotopia, Blackbird and Danitoria realised that something had to be done to re-unite the left, particularly at a time when many small and inexperienced left wing regions were springing up. It was a time of relative peace, when the left was unthreatened, the anti-communist rhetoric of the Atlantic Alliance being shortlived since that organisation dissolved itself.

The RLA Charter, written by EuroSoviets and ratified first by the Allied States of EuroIslanders and later by The Proletariat Coalition, embodied the idea of a strong and permanent executive organising an armed force and an intelligence division to keep the emerging left wing regions safe. It was a partial success; the RLA participated in defences of China, Cuba and many other regions attacked by various raider organisations. It didn't inspire much activity in it's members beyond what was necessary and in this lay it's only failure.

The Second Charter of the Red Liberty Alliance, also written by EuroSoviets, was discussed in great detail in the run up to ratification in November of 2004. All the active members of the RLA participated enthusiastically in the discussion and the Council of the RLA ratified the Charter, dissolving itself, leaving in place a Central Soviet. The C-Sov is a body made up of all those members of all RLA regions who wish to count themselves as active at the RLA. The C-Sov has extensive sovereign powers, including electing the Executive Committee of the RLA, having a say in the selection of military posts and intelligence posts as well as being the sole power for inter-organisational negotiations. The C-Sov has the right of recall of the Executive Committee members and has the power to appoint an Intelligence Oversight Committee in extreme cases where the loyalty of the Director of Red Liberty Intelligence is called into question.

Former Government Structure

The following regions were RLA members: