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Rejistanian systems refer to styles of play during a game of Football, from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking tactics. Initially named in Rejistania, these names for styles have become commonplace throughout the world, particularly 'Karela' and 'Takil'.

The Systems

System Karela: a tactic known as all-out-defense, an NS version of Catenaccio or (especially by fans from Cockbill Street) "the most boring tactic ever". The name was invented by Rejistanian newspapers since the H1SR, naming it after the team Karela Lines, who regularly played this style. It has since spread to foreign countries, with Cockbill Street adopting it with great success in World Cup 20 and the nation of System Karela itself.

System Jesejil: a 4-5-1 tactic, often in combination with pressing, named after the city Jesejil kali in nanti ligat. The Rejistani U21s have often used this tactic.

System Imdila: Hexen Imdila, the first coach of the rejistani national team, often used a 4-4-2 tactic. In the "propaganda war" with co-coach Ha~e Hangila, the term System Imdila for this tactic was used.

System Hisisim/Iknel: this term refers to the very midfield (rejistanian: iknel) centered Druidan systems, which are said to be 'hisisim', which means versatile. 2-7-1 is an example tactic of this system.

System Hangila/Hank~hila: "propaganda war", the second. Ha~e Hangila had to hear the term System Hangila for his more attacking 3-4-3 formation. Both expressions lost their negative conotation entirely and are used neutrally. Hank~hila is the newer spelling of this system while Hangila is oldfashioned after a spelling-reform.

System Takil: A Rejistani expression for All-Out-Attack (2-3-5). Its name derives from the fact that coach Laxtu Takil used it in the World Cup qualifiers.