Religion in Kanami

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Religion in Kanami is a colourful and full of variety. Christians, Catholics, Mormons, and so on have gatherd in Kanami because of the ease of practice and the utmost respect compared to some secular nations or governments. Over 81% of the population identifiy with some religion.


Kanami founder Yasashii Himura was known as a devout Christian before establishing Christaoisim, to mix the Christian and Shinto belifes. Admist this she did write in the Speration of Church and State Clause as well as the freedom of religion clause.

Parliament shall make no law abridging one's right to practice one's belife and faith in God, or lack thereof. Parliament shall not establish a State Approved or practiced religion.

Since then several religions came and established places of worship.


The predominate denomination of faith is the mainstream Christianity. Several people including noteable heads of state party leaders rally leaders. A majority seem to be Protestant but with Christao as a close second.


The Government consideres the Mormon church to fall under Christianity. With The Mormon Refuge Act of 1849 which gave special attention and allowance to LDS churches and missionaries. It's the fastest growing religion in Kanami.