Repeal "Banning the Use of Landmines"

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Repeal "Banning the use of Landmines"

Description: UN Resolution #40: Banning the use of Landmines (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The United Nations,

RECALLING the many resolutions in UN law forming a fundamental commitment to the protection of citizens' rights,

TAKING NOTE, especially, of Resolution #31, "Wolfish Convention on POW", Resolution #51, "Children in War", and Resolution #111, "Civilian Rights Post War",

REAFFIRMING the intent of these and other resolutions to protect both military and civilian personnel from undue abuse,

RECOGNISING that there exist many non-UN nations who may be hostile to UN member nations and to the UN, and who are not governed by the responsibilities of such resolutions,

LAMENTING that war between UN member nations and non-UN nations is inevitable, and concerned that in such cases non-UN parties will not be bound by international law on the treatment of soldiers and civilians, especially children, and on the use of torture,

ACKNOWLEDGING that the UN can do little to prevent such circumstances, and must allow its members to exercise to the fullest degree possible their ability to deter attack and invasion by non-UN nations,

UPHOLDING the sentiment of Resolution #110, "United Nations Security Act", that 'all member states have the right to construct and utilize any and all weapons that are necessary to defend their nation from attack',

OBSERVING the capacity of landmines to act as an effective deterrent to invading forces, and acknowledging the possibility that they could be used to prevent human rights abuses on the behalf of an occupying force not bound by UN law,

FURTHER NOTING that, in their capacity as 'area-denial munitions', landmines have the capability to divert hostile forces away from settled areas and the civilian populace, and thereby to actually limit civilian casualties,

EXPRESSING FAITH in Resolution #150, "UN Landmine Convention", in tackling the unfortunate potential of landmines to pose risk to civilians after the cessation of hostilities,

RESOLVING that member nations should not be denied the possibility of defending themselves and their citizens from unregulated attack through the responsible deployment of landmines:

REPEALS Resolution #40, "Banning the Use of Landmines".

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