Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act"

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#185: Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act"

Category: Repeal
Proposed By: Gruenberg
Social Justice: #170
Status: Passed
Adopted: 2006.11.09
Votes For: 10,747
Votes Against: 2,138

Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act" was the Xth repeal sponsored by Gruenberg and Yth resolution. The repeal of the Hearing Impaired Aid Act was adopted by a supermajority. One of the key points raised in the repeal was that the Rights of the Disabled resolution grants protection of the hearing impaired and others with handicaps.

Resolution text

UN Resolution #170: Hearing Impaired Aid Act (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The United Nations,

Strongly reiterating the sentiment of its Resolution #170, "Hearing Impaired Aid Act", that 'Everyone, including the disabled needs a chance for a good life in society',

However disagreeing that a resolution such as "Hearing Impaired Aid Act" is an effective means by which to secure the rights of the hearing impaired to greater opportunities,

Further noting its extreme distaste for the assertion that the hearing impaired are "more vocal" and somehow therefore more deserving of legal entitlement,

Disgusted that such views should be included in a resolution of increasing equality for all, regardless of the nature of their impairment,

Recalling its Resolution #160, "Rights of the Disabled", and especially its operative clauses 2, 4 and 5,

Observing that "Rights of the Disabled" has already placed upon UN members substantial obligations to facilitate equality of access to public services for the disabled, including those with disabilities related to hearing and communications,

Specifically noting that access to public buildings, adaptation of public education courses, and provision of health care and assistive technology, are already mandated by "Rights of the Disabled",

Hence acknowledging that the provisions of "Hearing Impaired Aid Act", whilst commendable, are wholly redundant by virtue of the passage of the previous, superior resolution, the steadfast commitment to which is now reiterated,

Considering one advantage of "Rights of the Disabled" to be that it covers a wider scope, and does not resort to excessive micromanagement of domestic issues, as "Hearing Impaired Aid Act" regrettably does,

Believing it in the interests of the UN and its members to strike out redundant and superfluous legislation,

Remaining supportive of all attempts to promote the rights of the hearing impaired, and the disabled in general, and thus considering the possibility of resolutions focussing on other areas, such as sign language, research in medical technologies, or political enfranchisement:

1. Repeals "Hearing Impaired Aid Act";

2. Reminds all UN members of their obligations to provide for the hearing impaired under UN Resolution #160, "Rights of the Disabled".

Votes For: 10,747
Votes Against: 2,138
Implemented: Thu Nov 9 2006

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