Resistance (Metropolis)

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There are various factions of resistance in Metropolis. Some are religious fanatics, other eco terrorists or left-wing rebells. At least during the RP of CyberGoddess, the government appeared as using resistance movements it had set up itself - via Revolution En Serie - to maintain on top. A resistance movement would be formed by the government and supported financially and with information to make it the most attractive one for all the unhappy and angry to join. Then, a perpetual war situation would be achieved with the resistance movement. If public anger grew out of control, the set-up resistance movement would "overthrow" the government, just to secretly reinstate the same members of the previous faceless government as the new leaders. The traces of the last of one of these "turnovers" can still be found in Metropolis. For example, the military is called the "Red Army", despite the apparent corporate nature of the city-state.