Richard York

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Richard York
March 27, 1978
Abricolae, Detria, Yokaria
United Nations Ambassador
UN Headquarters
February 14, 2007

Richard York is the 4th and current Cookeslandic Ambassador to the United Nations, taking office after pro tempore Ambassador Lostelle Caelia. He began his delegacy on February 14, 2007.


Ambassador York was born on March 27, 1978 to Natalie York (née ) and Benvolio York and grew up in Abricolae, Yokaria. Born into one of his country's most prominent political families Richard, his older brother, and younger sister were all exposed to the government scene at a young age. When he was 12 his father became a Senator and the family moved to the national capital, Tsireji, where later he attended the University of Yokaria. While at college he majored in English, hoping to become a teacher but also minored in Political Sciences.

After graduation he was drafted into the Yokarian Navy in which he served well for several years until his ship was caught in a hurricane just off the coast of Yokaria. Richard fell overboard and was found unconcious on a beache in neighboring Cookesland. When he was asked his name later he told the nurse he didn't know and so, taking his most striking physical quality, she wrote down "blue eyed man".

Career as Ambassador

He applied for citizenship and then got a job public office in Cookesland, and due to his political knack he quickly advanced. Soon he came to the Department of State, and was given an interview for UN Ambassador. The Department was desperatly searching for a good representative but all were either away or just didn't want it. He asked for an interview and was hired due to his diplomatic personality and skill.

After several months at the United Nations he regained his memory, and much to the joy of his family got back in contact with them. He still visits them as often as possible and even though he works for the Cookeslandic Government he still maintains dual citizenship from both countries.

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