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Het Binnenhof (The Inner Court)

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The gate leading to the Binnenhof.

Binnenhof means 'inner court' in Dutch and it is the capitol of Knootoss. The oldest part of the medieval earl’s castle in The Hague is the Knights’ Hall. In the course of the centuries, the Binnenhof was renovated and expanded continuously. As early as the 15th century the Binnenhof housed the County Council and in 1585 it became the seat of the States General of the Republic of the United Provinces of Knootoss.

Today, it is part of the complex housing the Knootian parliament the Staten-Generaal. During the Shadow War, it was miracilously saved from the shelling that destroyed much of the city.

Ridderzaal (the Knights’ Hall)

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A view of the Ridderzaal from inside the Binnenhof.

Without doubt, the most striking building on the Binnenhof is the Knights’ Hall ('Ridderzaal') built in the 13th and 14th centuries as the castle for the Earls of Holland. The Main Hall (which has been called the Knights’ Hall since the 19th century) dates from the second half of the 13th century. The famous wooden covering was demolished in 1861, however, less than forty years later it was replaced by an exact copy. Since the fall of the Stewards, the Knights’ Hall has been the setting for the reading of the Prime Ministers speech at the annual opening of Parliament. In his or her speech, the Knootian Prime Minister announces the government’s plans for the coming year to the parliament and to the Knootian people.