Rising Flame

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Rising Flame
Flag of Rising Flame
Motto: Even in death, we will rise again.
Rising Flame
Region The Seventh Column
Capital City of Brand
Official Language(s) English, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Sept
Leader B'ern TseTung
Population Over 20 Million
Currency Star 
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The Nomadic Peoples of Rising Flame are a people filled with wanderlust. The earliest records show people arriving in the region over 4000 years ago. There appeared to be only three tribes keeping any actual records in a physical form, the rest apparently opting for the storyteller method. Some of those storytellers histories are rich elements of the many myths and legends of the nation of Rising Flame. Of the three tribes that took records, only one was deemed accurate by the current Marshall, B'ern TseTung. One written by the Brand tribe, which at the time was led by Bjorn AgginVerjjin. B'ern TseTung is reputedly a decendant, which may have influenced his decision to accept the Brand tribe's records as more factual than the others. This must be noted because those records are the primary source of data for this entry.

General Map

RFmap3.jpg Rising Flame


The Nomadic Peoples of Rising Flame is a largely free territory, that has only recently adopted organized government in order to keep up with the changing world. As such their history, while rich indeed, was not measured with dates until the last five years or so.

Speculations about the origin of Rising Flame vary slightly, but the country is generally regarded to have began by nomads who followed the Phoenix because they believed it to have mystical power. Now they love visitors, and are generally very peaceful and well liked.

Nomadic Traditions

It is known that of the twenty or so nomadic tribes that first populated the region only three actually had scribed records. The rest used a storytelling/word-of-mouth method of record keeping and are subject to lost information, though many of these stories still pass around by word of mouth today.


Many of Rising Flame's myths and legends began with this traditional method of record keeping.

Stories of Bjorn the Elder and the Loser's Bet, and The Phoenix and the Dragon have been passed down through generations, but the spoken word is not considered accurate enough for historical archives.

Tribe of Vogel

One of the first tribes to chronicle the discovery of the Phoenix. The records are very sketchy, and distance is covered by birdflights instead of any strict linear measure. From what historians have been able to piece together, they came to Rising Flame from the area now known as United Mars Democracy. They article the phoenix as originally sighted flying over Mare Fortuna southward, in a huge migration. Many of them bursting into flame during the flight. The tribe recorded this as an omen to uproot, and they followed the Phoenix to Rising Flame. It was a good move, because the area was full of game and fruit bearing trees. They had contact with only a couple of other tribes, and never made contact with the other tribes due to a natural mountain barrier. They first settled in the area now known as the Port of Draymore. Many people in the northwestern area of the nation claim heritage from the Tribe of Vogel.

Tribe of Ster

The records of this tribe show they came to the area from lands directly to the north (742617000027) They enjoyed a rugged existence, making populous the mountain range that runs almost down the middle of the country. They pioneered the crafts of mining, and the silver and gold ore they removed was dubbed "Ster" because of it's shiny nature. This evolved into the Star that the nation uses today. They were huge fans of trade, and traded with the many other tribes that ventured into the mountains, including the Tribe of Brand.

Tribe of Brand

This tribe is long thought to have actually been the most native tribe to the area, earliest tribe records mentioning the swampy land to the northeast as a possible origin. The Chronicler is known as Bjorn AgginVerjjin, and he seemed to keep the best records that the era allowed. The records also predate the other two tribes by about ten years. Most noteably, they actually chronicle the Phoenixes flight northward roughly ten years before the flights southward back into Rising Flame. Anthropologists have found this to not be an error, though they still cannot explain why the Phoenix went northward in the first place. Their records are fairly well detailed, and describe almost 15 other tribes that came with the "The Great Return". The Tribe of Ster is one of those heavily mentioned, as they often fashioned jewelry and trinkets out of the "Ster" which they traded with Brand in exchange for produce and game that weren't readily availiable in the mountains. Brand founded a trading village in the far end of a mountain pass to the Slang River, which runs to Mare Incendium. This village is now the capitol city.

Culture of Rising Flame

Native people of Rising Flame seem to have developed a relaxed attitude towards life, and immigration because of the lax government grows ever steadily.

Ethnicity in Rising Flame

Rising Flames population is composed of roughly 70% asian/dutch, 10% Anglo, 7% Black, 5% Latin, and the remaining 10% composed of other races.

There has been known to be small issues with racism, but it has generally been regarded as jest due to immigrant customs. To date there has never been a documented hate crime in Rising Flame.



One popular activity is the (always non-lethal) Phoenix Hunt, where after signing a few waivers, the government will let you adopt the caught Phoenix!


Current trends indicate a few cities cropping up here and there, and an ever increasing border patrol. The population has gone from around 5 million a few years ago, to over 40 million today. The relatively lax government is a major contributor to the population growth.


Rising Flame's Charter provides for an absolute freedom of religion, but it specifically excludes government support of any religion. In dire circumstances, the government has been known to afford protection to religious groups, but only when there has been violence between religions involved.

Religious Representation

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">RFReligion2.jpg
Major Religions in practice.

The religious make-up of Rising Flame is split as follows:


Established Church Organizations

  • The Sangha - Buddhist- Greater North membership.
  • Dharma no ano Jiga - Buddhist- Greater South Membership
  • Daigo - Buddhist- West Coast membership.
  • Church of the Noble Way - Orange Catholic - Nationwide membership.
  • Word of Muhammad - Muslim(Islam) - Nationwide membership. Various Schools maintain separate Mosques for the purpose of the specific sects of Islam, however, all are chartered under the Word of Muhammad organization.
  • United Methodism Charter - Christian - Nationwide membership.
  • Tycho International Christian League - Christian - Nationwide membership. (Continental)
  • Organized Ministry of John the Baptist - Christian - Nationwide membership (Primarily southern area)
  • The Sisterhood - Wicca- Nationwide membership. (Worldwide)
  • Brahma - Hindu - Nationwide membership.


Recreational drug use is legal, and even clothing is optional. Civil rights and Political freedoms tend to be held in high regard.


There isn't a pervasive military presence in Rising Flame - all members are voluntary. They tend to use unorthodox methods of fighting, and it's looked upon with wary suspicion by neighboors, although Rising Flame has never been involved in warfare at the time of this writing.


The government is a low taxation one, and many of the choices that the Grand Marshall makes seem to have negative impacts on the economy. Hopefully they make a few changes before the Star is worth no more than a blade of grass.


For years the nation of Rising Flame had used only coin currency.


The Star has recently made the change from coin only to coin and paper money. Here is an example.


Paper currency is still new to the nation, and has been slow to catch on.

The Noble Phoenix


The military is looking into uses for the Phoenix in military applications, as they are quite plentiful. Their most current issue is trying to get the birds to combust on demand.

Revered Beast or Pain in the Ass?

The Phoenix, the national animal of Rising Flame, has long been revered, but as the country moves out of the simple life and into modern trappings, the bird is regarded as a nuisance. More and more angry housewives complain about the birds landing on thier clotheslines, only to have to buy a new wardrobe because of scorch marks.


The homes are being constructed with clay roofs, because this problem is so great.

Natural Defense

The sakura forests offer a respite and a natural choice for home and building construction, as the Phoenix does like to nest in the roots, but seems to have an aversion to the cherry-blossoms.


These blossoms are being processed for extract, which is then used to treat the homes. It's not practical for clothing as of the time of this writing, so the indoor dryer industry has found a niche market.