Robert Craven II

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His Imperial Majesty
Robert Craven the Second

NEWNEWFLAG2copyreallymini.png 17th Emperor of the Eastern Havenic Empire
In office
4th March, 2007
Preceded by Matthew of Cravan

17th July, 1984
Laurana, Imperial Province, Cravan
Spouse Empress Rebecca of Cravan
Profession Commissioned Officer, Aerospace Engineer
Religion Roman Catholic
Languages English, Spanish

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Robert Lynn Craven the Second, born July 17th, 1984, is the current reigning monarch of the Eastern Havenic Empire of Cravan. Coronated on March 4th, 2007 upon the resignation of his father, Emperor Robert is the second youngest Emperor to take office and the third Emperor to take office while their predecessor remained living. He is Cravan's 17th reigning monarch.

Emperor Robert II was sworn in while the Conservative Party cabinet of Primay Director Vince Gallens, however with cabinet and Senate elections having just taken place the Libertarian cabinet of Elizabeth Anagrams is now serving under the self-proclaimed libertarian Emperor, who supposedly follows his father in his ideological views.

Early Life

Robert II was born on July 17th, 1984 in Laurana, Cravan to parents Crown Prince Matthew and Crown Princess Rosalyn Craven, and is older than his twin sister Kendra by six minutes. The grandchild of the reigning monarch, Robert I, Robert enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle while spending the early years of his childhood in the Country of Aurelias, the location of his father's villa at the time. At the age of two, however, Robert II became the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent upon his father's coronation, when his grandfather was killed in a tragic plane crash and suspected assassination plot.

At the age of three, his sister Princess Melinda was born. The three children of the Imperial Family were raised in the Imperial Palace of Laurana, taught by the finest tutors availiable and cared for by their mother and by the various housekeepers and babysitters employed in the Palace. While growing up Robert took an interest in aviation, and hoped to one day become a pilot in the Air Force before ascending to the throne.

At the age of sixteen, Robert enrolled in the prestigious Webley School, a private school for boys located in downtown Laurana which was reserved for the children of the Cravanian elite. He did not room at the school, however, instead opting to remain in the Imperial Palace and attend school at the usual hours on the weekdays. Outside of school, Robert would often be found at the various clubs and venues around downtown Laurana, with his friends who came from other affluent Cravanian families. He was reported to have tried recreational drugs on numerous occasions and partake in other seedy activities, much to the disapproval of his father.

University and Military Career

Despite his fairly rough teen years, Robert attended the Imperial Cravanian Air Force Academy in Laurana, Cravan, majoring in aerospace engineering and minoring in political sciences much like his father had. He also attended Imperial Air Force flight school during his university years, and was certified in flying IAL-4 transport aircraft. Upon graduation he was to be assigned to a transport unit out of Laurana Air Force Base.

Robert graduated from the ICAF Academy in 2006, with the rank of First Lieutenant. He was assigned to the 650th Air Transport Wing, Fourth Air Transport Unit "Seagulls" based out of Laurana Air Force Base. He served as a transport pilot until March 4th, 2007, the day of his coronation. During his career Robert flew in the first wave of IAL-4 transports while carrying a load of Imperial Marines to Terrence Air Force Base in British Londinium, his only brush with combat service.

As monarch and commander in chief of all Imperial Forces around the world, Robert is still listed as an active member of the Imperial Military. However, although reigning monarch and commander in chief of the military, under Imperial Military regulations he retains his rank of First Lieutenant and is not permitted to wear any other rank insignia when in uniform. Instead he wears the Imperial Family Cross on his left breast, with platinum lining instead of gold to denote himself as the current reigning monarch. Other members of the family wear the Cross with a gold lining.


During his college years, Robert entered into a relationship with Rebecca Denardio, daughter of Major General Louis Denardio, commander in chief of the Imperial Cravanian Air Force. On June 23rd, 2005, the couple announced their engagement, and were married in January of 2006. Rebecca was crowned Empress of Cravan following her husband's coronation.

Crown Princess Born

At 1:24 AM Laurana time on April 7th, 2007, Crown Princess Marilyn was born to Emperor Robert II of Cravan and Empress Rebecca of Cravan. She was immediately named the heir apparent, and given the title of Crown Princess by the Cardinal of the Imperial Church of Cravan. There is no word yet as to future plans involving the Princess.

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