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What is Role Play?

Role Playing is acting, just without a script. If you've ever been in a play or had some sort of part, you have role played, or played a role. Role Playing is more like life, though. You have a part that you play, whether its school, work, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.., it is unscripted. Role play is unscripted. You figure things out as you go along, putting up with rough patches (not ignoring someone, flamming, or getting your nation deleted over it), and most of all, try and have fun.

Role Play on NationStates

The great thing about NationStates' forums is that they are "free form". Free form means there are no rules regarding Role Play. There are rules governing behaviour in the forums, but not how you role play. That means, you can decided to pick 20 random nations and invade them, yes, this is frowned upon by many, but it is just an example of what free form means.

On NationStates, a main part of role play is war. There are many happening everyday, yet, none seem to work out well. When roleplaying a war, remember one thing. That is not to try to win. Far to many times, one nation will be losing a battle, when the owner gets mad out of character and goes ballistic and starts to flame. Flaming is arguing beyond the point of a valid debate, and more along the lines of "You f***ing n00b! Your mama!" ... Which really scares me when I think that this game gets to users that much.

The Basics: (Economy, Budget, Military)

I've been asked many times, "What does a "good" economy mean, what is my national budget, and how big is my military?" Remember free form? All of those things could mean anything you want. Good could mean each person makes 1 dollar a year, your budget could be infinate, and your military could be your entire nation. That usually makes for bad RP. You want to try and keep it as realistic as possible, no, NationStates itself is not entirely designed to be realistic, but you want to try and mimic real life as much as possible for countless reasons. The main ones are:

  1. No one will role play with someone that has a military of 500 million people or buys everything in a storefront.
  2. It really isn't fun. If being an arse is your thing, make your own forums or spam somewhere else.

Most people don't keep track of their nation's budget, they just buy, but not to much. This is ok. Some people use the GDP Calculators.

What I do, and what a few other people do is keep track of their military to the dot. I keep 2 percent of my nation on active duty and another 2 available if needed. Also, I keep track of all products that I produce (which is all role playing) and things that I buy. I have a Notepad document of my military.


Firstly, I don't ignore any nation for any reason because it goes against my beliefs of free form. Ignoring a nation means you do not recognize it AT ALL. It doesn't mean you get pissed, flame, ignore, then harass the next day, it means that to you, that nation no longer exists. And it doesn't mean that all nations owned by that same person are also ignored, just that one. A tip for good role play: Use ignoring as a final tactic if nothing else works.

Additional Information