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This article deals with Roman Catholicism as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

The Generic Coat of Arms of Holy See
Many NS nations profess the Christian Roman Catholic religion and loyalty to the Holy See. Unlike the real world, however, there is little unity among declared Catholics. Some Roman Catholic nations prefer to recognize a pope from within the NationStates community, such as Pope Leo of the Holy Vatican See or Pope Julius of Catholic Europe. Others acknowledge only the real-life Pope, usually the recently elected Benedict XVI, but sometimes a past, future, or alternative one, in accordance with their roleplayed history line.

There is also a Vacant Seat, where the cardinals had formed the Conclave in order to elect the next pontiff.

A large number of national and variant-rite churches exist. Some Catholic states belong to the Defenders of the Faith alliance. The Catholic faith as practiced in The Reich is not generally accepted as being within the Roman tradition although, at least in the most prominent Reich nation of Iesus Christi, the Church is not officially in schism with Rome.

  • Genesian Catholicism is the leading Roman Catholic Church of the Nationstates World Regions (NWR), centered in Genesis City, Catholic Europe, and with a worldwide following that makes this the NWR's largest religion. The Genesian Church is distinguished by its dogma of Hereditary Papacy; all Genesian Popes must be members of the Dos Santos Aveiro-Medici family. The current Genesian pontiff is Julius IV (William dos Santos Aveiro-Medici). Recently the Genesian Church has faced a major schism in its Central European dioceses; theological and political disputes has led to the formation of a rival Colognian Catholic Church in the nation of Saxe-Coburg.

Nations which contain people of this faith:

No Specified Recognised Pontiff

  • Aerigia -- Rights to practice religion freely are protected under the President's power as per the Federation in 1992. Just under 60 percent of the Federal Republic's population is Roman Catholic. The late Cardinal Thomas Sinclair, noted as the founding father of Aerigia, is largely responsible for developing the following in Aerigia today.
  • Asyhlo AO -- Approximately 40% of the population of this island is Catholic, making it the second-largest religious grouping in the nation, following Atheism. There is one operating Catholic church on the island, Our Lady of Asyhlo AO, currently led by Father Bamo Thonsoio. Additionally, the church maintains a small "worship center" on the island's west coast for tourists to visit. The church in Asyhlo does not recognize any specific pontiff. See Asyhlo AO#Religion for more.
  • Asgarnieu -- No official religion. Most followers of Christianity are Catholic.
  • Aztlan -- The official religion is Roman Catholic although up to 25 percent of its population has more Native tone to its Catholicism.
  • Bejerot -- The current Grand Duchess, Isolde, was raised Catholic and has had all of her birth children christened in Catholic ceremonies. Additionally, 31 percent of Bejeroti citizens claim Catholicism as their practised religion, according to the latest national census.
  • Belluelle -- The Holy Republic was, previously, an entirely Roman Catholic nation, in which Catholicism was the state religion. However, with the coming of democracy and with it, religious tolerance, the percentage of Roman Catholics has dropped to around 55.
  • Holy Paradise -- 96 percent of the population is Roman Catholic.
  • Kahanistan - 8 percent, or about 280 million of the populatiion, is Catholic. Of them, 90% recognise Pope Benedict, 6% recognise Pope Leo, 2% Fernado, 1.5% Urban, and 0.5% Innocent.
  • The Latin Union -- Approximately 24 percent of the population is Roman Catholic. The Union's Catholic population is headed locally by Cardinal Giuseppe Arnandini, who is in the midst of drawing his followers together to recognize a single Pope as the true one. Currently the issue is not resolved.
  • Nanakaland -- 32 percent of the nation is Roman Catholic, making it the second largest national faith.
  • New Exodus -- Although the nation was founded by and is composed mainly of Roman Catholics, there is no official state religion.
  • Saint Uriel -- An officially Roman Catholic state. 98 percent of Saint Urielians list their religion as Roman Catholic.
  • United Island Empires -- 74 percent of the population is Catholic.

Recognising Pope Benedict XVI (RL Pontiff)

  • Audioslavia -- The nation's government is and always has been avowedly atheist and pays little respect to religion of any kind, but nevertheless 88 percent of the population are proud Catholics. Throughout history, the Audioslavian Catholics have tried to force the government to recognise that Audioslavia is indeed a Catholic country through and through, but their calls have always fell on deaf ears, as the government struggles to maintain its non-theist beliefs.
  • Aurania-Shifre -- About 59% perent of the nation is Roman Catholic and recognises Benedict XVI.
  • Bao You -- Roman Catholicism was introduced to Bao You about 500 years ago and today 53% of all people in Bao You are professed Roman Catholics. Mass is done in four languages Latin, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and English.
  • Baranxtu -- Approximately 4.2 percent of the population is Catholic. Most are descendants of French or Jontadain settlers and are centered in the southern provinces of Izana and Leuva.
  • Catholic Region -- Is a community of Christians loyal to the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. They have traditional Catholic beliefs including the Trinity and Immaculate Mary. With the Holy Ghost at our side, they are devoted to the Catholic faith, recognising Pope Benedict XVI as our only Pontiff and the Roman Catholic Church as the only Church.
  • Cherry Ridge -- The nation is 94 percent Catholic.
  • Christiana Terra -- Though there is no official state religion, the majority (78%) of its people adhere to the Roman Catholic faith and recognize the current Pope as their leader.
  • Cikoutimi -- Although about 82 percent of the population officially identify as Catholic, at least two thirds of them follow a mix of the Roman Catholic Church and various indigenous religions.
  • Clandon -- 95% of the population is Roman Catholic.
  • Constantinopolis -- 10 percent of the population is Roman Catholic.
  • Cookborough -- 90% of the Population is Roman Catholic
  • Cookesland -- 60% of the Population is Roman Catholic
  • Dyelli Beybi -- The country is notably devout, with the Catholic Church being the official state religion following the dismantlement of the Church of Cyro. Approximately 89 percent of the population is Catholic.
  • Edvardus -- Roman Catholicism is recognized as the official religion of the state. Not only is Parliament influenced by Church teachings when passing legislation, but the Emperor seeks papal guidance in making decisions from choosing his regal name to guiding the empire in general.
  • Franco-Philia -- The nation and its large Catholic population recognise Benedict as the pontiff.
  • Hamptonshire -- 88 percent of population is Roman Catholic.
  • Jeruselem -- The current monarchy is officially Roman Catholic, but they only comprise about the quarter of the population.
  • Kofnar -- Because it was originally an Italian colony, the nation is completely Catholic.
  • Kurona -- At least a quarter of the population follows this religion, with the majority recognizing Pope Benedict XVI. With religion not being established, many recognize other popes as well.
  • Lloegr-Cymru -- The established religion is Roman Catholicism. Roughly 80 percent of the population, at the last census, professed to be members of this faith.
  • Lok-na-chak -- The population is 100 percent Catholic. The country is very devout, because after the Fall of the American Empire, Protestantism had been replaced by the Catholic Church as the official State religion.
  • Mabulia -- 82 percent of population is of the Roman Catholic faith.
  • Nasuti -- The Official State Religion is Roman Catholic (professed by 99% of citizens): Nasuti is a nation of Christians loyal to the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and obedient to Supreme Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Ness Snorlaxia -- The nation has an atheistic view and the church and state are totally separate. As such, there are over 2 billion people who don't follow any religion. However, Catholicism is the most dominant religion in the country, with about 688 million followers.
  • North Moon Island -- 98 percent of the populus of North Moon Island adheres to The Holy See of Rome and Benedict XVI. The Moon Islands are about 95 percent Catholic over all.
  • Nueve Italia -- About 96% of the population of Nueve Italia practices Roman Catholicism. Freedom of Religion is a guaranteed right, however, Catholicism has such a root in the country from a historical and populace perspective it is recognized as an official religion.
  • Omigodtheykilledkenny -- Roman Catholics comprise a sizable minority of Kennyite Christians, and both the president and vice president of the Federal Republic are Catholic (well, in name anyway). A majority of Xt'Tapolopaquetl natives practice Cuauhtemocism, an extremist Catholic doctrine infused with both Islamic and tribal traditions; Cuauhtemocists profess that Kennyites are the direct descendants of Satan and that the Earth must be extinguished of them and their allies before Christ's Second Coming can occur.
  • Pacitalia -- 73 percent of population is of the Roman Catholic faith.
  • Peter and Paul -- The nation is 99 percent Catholic and occupies the former peninsular territories of Italy. In the year 2035, the reigning Pontiff, Peter the Roman, is the titular head of state in Peter and Paul.
  • Straschkau -- Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Straschkau.
  • Syskeyia -- The republic is well known for a very devout Catholic population.
  • Gavleborg-Uppsala -- 100 percent of the populace adheres to the doctrine, the authority and the teachings of the Roman Curia; the Bishop of Rome, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Supreme Pontiff; and the Catholic Church. Catholicism is the only legal religion within the kingdom.
  • Vinix -- Overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. More than 90% of the population consider themselves Roman Catholic, but only about one-third attends mass and takes the sacraments regularly. Yet a much larger number wishes to be baptized, married in the church, and receive last rites. The Church of Vinix has its See in the Capital of Vinix, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its headed by fictitious Cardinal Prof. Immanuel Joseph Gresham SJ for roleplay.
  • Vinr Alfkyn' -- About 75% of the population is Catholic.
  • Zaire -- Roughly 50% of the population is of the Roman Catholic faith.

Recognising Pope Leo XIV (Holy Vatican See's Pope)

  • Aerion -- 10% of the population are Roman Catholic, though historically many more. The primatial see is at the Archdiocese of Astevane
  • Alessandri -- Over two-thirds of the population is Roman Catholic, and Catholicism is the country's national religion.
  • Ariddia -- Although no official statistics exist, about 1.6 percent of that republic's inhabitants are thought to be Roman Catholics, and recognise the primacy of the Holy See. However, Archbishop Fernand Beauval of the See of Rêvane is an outspoken proponent of progressive views, despite recognising the supremacy of Pope Leo XIV.
  • Britishpeoples -- 10 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, totalling over 300 million people.
  • Drakonian Imperium -- A mere five percent of the population are Roman Catholic. Catholicism was officially brought to Drakonia in the 18th Century A.D. through European Roman Catholic Missionaries. Although, there is some question among Anthropologists as to whether earlier Missionaries from the Middle Ages (or possibly even earlier periods) might have been brought to Drakonia by Drakonian explorers and merchants.
  • Tarasovka -- The Byzantine Taraskovyan Catholic Church, adhered to by roughly 1,5% percent of the Taraskovyan population, is in Communion with Rome. Some Latin rite Dioceses also exist in southern Tarasovka, accounting for roughtly half a percent of the Grand Ducal population.
  • Cravan -- Catholicism is the major religion in the empire, but due to a separation of church and state it cannot be considered a national faith.
  • Freedomstaki -- The people are 69 percent Catholic. The Toaiseach, now agnostic, is a former Catholic.
  • Granade Turquesa Isla -- 67% of the nation follows this religion.
  • Iansisle -- The nation has officially been Roman Catholic for the entirety of its existence, although the majority of its people are not as devoted as many others from similar nations.
  • Iesus Christi -- A devout Catholic nation, with some 99.99 percent of the nation following the Catholic faith.
  • The Island of Rose -- The population is made of 90 percent Roman Catholics.
  • Lavenrunz -- Officially a Catholic country, ceremonies and oaths are legally done under the Catholic Church.
  • Mexihco -- Catholicism is the offical National Religion.
  • Myroria -- 88 percent of the population follows the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Northern Congo -- The nation is 50 percent Catholic.
  • Pantocratoria -- The court religion is Roman Catholic (although the Church has now been disestablished in the Empire as a whole). It is estimated (although there has been no new census to confirm this) that 80 percent of Pantocratoria's population is Roman Catholic, after some twenty nine predominantly Greek-speaking dioceses broke away to become Greek Orthodox.
  • Peteronia -- Approximately 64 percent of the population is Roman Catholic and is presided over by His Eminence Cardinal Peter Kerry. It was only recently that the Church was disestablished in Peteronia.
  • The Resurgent Dream -- Relatively few of the people are Catholic. The government has diplomatic ties with the Vatican and Catholicism is the Court Religion of Holista.
  • Roania -- 55.2% of population is part of the Catholic Church of Novar Ohan, a body headed by a Patriarch and in full communion with Rome. The Tsar has the hereditary title of Defender of the Faith.
  • Snǿĵgẻrd -- Two of the country's seven inhabitants are listed as Catholics.
  • Tanah Burung -- The majority religion is Catholicism, at just over half the population.
  • Tika Vanu -- The Holy Republic, a Catholic theocracy, recognises Pope Leo XIV.
  • The Silver Sky -- 70% of the country is Catholic, 100% of which recognize Pope Leo XIV, however, seperation of church and state means that there is no national religion.
  • Uncle Noel -- The fiefdom, due to its high proportion of European settlers, has approximately five percent of the population as practising Roman Catholics. The Cathedral of Our Lady and St Winifred in the capital, Port Sunlight, is a noted example of neo-classical architecture.
  • Urcea -- 100% Catholic. Catholicism is the national religion.
  • Valinon -- The empire contains a large Catholic population (approximately 37%). Although the expansion of the Star Empire has dwindled the Church's majority, it remains the largest practiced religion within Valinon. To this day ceremonies and oaths are still held under the domain of the Church, and Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Friedelinde Alderman I, is a declared Roman Catholic. The Church in Valinon is largely maintained by the Holy College of New Koln, a group of five Cardinals who maintained the Church when Valinon lost the ability to communicate with Sol and therefore Rome in its early years.

Recognising Pope Fernado II (Catholic Europe's Pope)

Recognising Pope Urban IX (Constantinalia's Pope)

  • Constantinalia -- 99%/100% (disputed) Catholic, this nation recognises the Pope who resides in its own Nation.

Recognising Pope Innocent VI (Doomingsland's Pope)

  • Whyatica -- Approximately 1% Catholic, and the majority of Whyatican Catholics recognise the Pope based out of Doomingsland.

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