Roman Catholic Church (Stevid)

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The Roman Catholic Church in Stevid is the most widely spread religion in the country and has thousands upon thousands of churches and cathedrals all over the country. The Catholic religion in one that up to 90% of the country follows very devoutly and makes Stevid one of the most Zealous country’s in the world. Stevid prides itself on its dedication to God’s religion and has built massive cathedrals in Gothic architecture to represent this is a physical form of awe, wonder and admiration to the almighty.

The clergy that the Church in Stevid employs are supposed to be some of the dedicated and zealous priests, bishops and cardinals on the planet and follow religious doctrines and teaching to the absolute letter. Latin masses are encouraged but the English version of the ICEL mass is widely popular in the country. Inquisitors, however, do not exist although the Inquisitor political party- if elected- would bring in that form of Catholicism into the nation.

The Church is the most widely worshiped form of religion, partly because Stevid is a Catholic nation, but also to the many claims that the Church in Stevid to having religious artefacts. The increase in faith and Zeal has skyrocketed over the past century with such claims as the real Excalibur, a large piece of the real Cross on which Christ died, the Shield of Galahad which (supposedly) has information engraved on the shield that speaks of the resting place of the Holy Grail itself, and many other relics like bones of prophets and clothing of the disciples. Some are on display in many of the Cathedrals in Stevid but the most sensitive (Excalibur and the Shield of Sir Galahad for example) are kept in huge deep underground faults in the great Cathedral of St. Malleus in the Stevidian Wastelands (rumoured to be one of the biggest or the biggest Cathedral in the region). Deep in the faults are separate, huge, pure gold reliquaries to house the priceless artefacts and can only be looked upon the most honoured of clergymen and The Knights Templar.

Stevid is home to many ancient orders of the Church which includes The Knights Templar. Order of the Foot Knights, Knights Hospitaliar, and the dreaded Inquisition.

With the artefacts under lock and key, religious converting happens everyday and the Church thrives all over the country and its assets and now that the Holy Empire has been re-forged and so the Church spread even further. Stevid is a beacon of Catholic light in a huge world and hopes to be so for many, many centuries.