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This article deals with Rome as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Rome. L'Citta Eterna. Italy's largest city and probably the most revered city in history, it has become the basis for many nations within NationStates and several regions. Some nations and regions even go so far as to incorporate Rome and its Empire into their region or nation as a whole.

Roman-based regions/nations:

  • Roman Republic- A second republic which declared independence from the Germanic tribes who took control of the Western Empire. The Second Republic unified all Roman Empires and reconquered lost lands. Its capital, Rome, is contained within a Federal District called District of Traiana, named after its first President.
  • RomeW- Meant to be one user's interpretation of the Roman Empire had it survived to this day. Rome (obviously) is the capital and it is based on the NS Earth.
  • Itinerate Tree Dweller- ITD is based on a mix of german and roman culture and ethnicities. The founding families of the city-state of Hades were of roman stock, but took german wives from the large number of slaves they brought with them to the new land. These families had followed a roman patrician by the name of Xericus, (which comes from the latin word sericeus, meaning silken) Xericus had been exiled by Emperor Hadrian, so he went east into India, passed into the sea and found an island suitable for colonization. The imperial lineage traces its line back to Remus the brother of Romulus, founder of Rome; through Remus the imperial family claims ancestry in Venus and Mars..

Other nations which use Rome:

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