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Flag of Ropa-Topia
Motto: Brothers in arms -- and sports
Region Uhuhland
Capital Isle of Uhm
Official Language(s) English, Dutch
Population varies
Currency Topian Guilder
Internet TLD .rta, .ur, .ut
Calling code +131
ISO Code n/a
NS Sunset XML

The Allied States of Ropa-Topia are both a nation and an alliance in Uhuhland. As an alliance, it consists of the nations Uhuh-Ropa and Uhuh-Topia. The Isle of Uhm, once territory of Uhuh-Topia, is now shared territory between the two nations and from this island the Ropa-Topian Alliance is administered.


The Ropa-Topian flag combines elements from the flags of both nations: the red-white-blue stripes from Uhuh-Ropa and the cross and the colour orange from Uhuh-Topia. The vertical red stripe is intersected by the horizontal blue stripe, like on the Uhuh-Topian flag, but now it is meant to symbolize the past: the people (red) of both nations separated by a blue border (which is formed by rivers for 70%). The other pair of stripes symbolizes the present and future, with the people bridging the river/border.


See History of Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa

International Sports

See article about the Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance.

The Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance (RTSA) is a collaboration of the Uhuh-Topian Imperial Sports Association (ISA) and the Uhuh-Ropean Ministry of Sports. The RTSA was founded to show the world that there were no more conflicts between the peoples of both nations and instead of competing against each other, sportsmen from Uhuh-Ropa and Uhuh-Topia form a unified team in any major sporting event outside Uhuhland (like the Olympic Games and the football World Cup).

Flag ropa-topia tiny.png The Allied States of Ropa-Topia
Flag uhuh-topia tiny.png Uhuh-Topia (Arcadia); Flag uhuh-ropa tiny.png Uhuh-Ropa (Ropadam)
Monarchs: Emperor James II; King Seth I
Currencies: Topian Guilder; Uhuh-Ro
Major cities: Arcadia; Ropadam; Isle of Uhm
Sports: Athletes; Football
Miscellaneous: History; Space agency; TLDs: .ur, .ut, .rta
See also: Uhuhland; San Adriano; Gnatanamo; Category:Ropa-Topia

The Uhuhland Union
Member states: Ariddia, ESAT, North-West Ariddia, Ropa-Topia, San Adriano, Uhuh-Ropa, Uhuh-Topia, West Ariddia
See also: Uhuhland, Uhuhland Council, Uhuhland Parliament, Uhuhland Defence Force, Uhuhland Cabinet