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The Ropa-Topian Space Exploration Agency (RTSEA, Dutch: Ropa-Topiaans Bureau voor de Ruimtevaart) is the national research centre for space flight of the Allied States of Ropa-Topia. The RTSEA was established in 2095 and its headquarters are in Arcadia, Uhuh-Topia.

The Isle of Uhm Space Centre (IUSC) on the Isle of Uhm is the RTSEA's main spaceport.

Launch vehicle fleet

Uhuh 1 (unmanned; retired)

The Uhuh 1 rocket was the RTSEA's primary launcher. It can take a payload of 6-8 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit and up to 20 metric tons to low earth orbit. Development took five years and the first successful launch was on 15 June 2101.

RTSEA retired the Uhuh 1 in 2115 in favour of its successor, the Uhuh 2, but a modified variant of the Uhuh 1 rocket is still in use by Bram the Bored Space Inc. for commercial launches (mainly communications satellites).

Uhuh 2 (unmanned)

The Uhuh 2 rocket replaced the Uhuh 1 as the RTSEA's primary launcher in 2115. The Uhuh 2 provides an increased payload: 18 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit, and up to 50 tons to low earth orbit. A pair of modified Uhuh 2 rockets is also going to be used to launch the manned Hermes Shuttle.

Hermes (manned)

The Hermes Shuttle is a manned orbital vehicle that is currently under development. The Hermes orbiter will launch on top of a pair of modified Uhuh 2 rockets and the orbiter's own main engines will be fed by an external fuel tank. The Hermes Shuttle has been designed to be partially reusable: the orbiter itself and the modified Uhuh 2 rockets can be reused.

It can carry four to six astronauts and a payload of up to 20 metric tons to low earth orbit.

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