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The Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance (abbreviation: RTSA) is a collaboration of the Uhuh-Topian Imperial Sports Association (ISA) and the Uhuh-Ropean Ministry of Sports.

There are several departments in the RTSA:


The Unity Stadium on the Isle of Uhm

The RTSA was founded in 1976 in order to show the world that there were no more conflicts between the peoples of both nations. Instead of competing against each other, sportsmen from Uhuh-Ropa and Uhuh-Topia form a unified team in any major sporting event outside Uhuhland.

In 1977 the RTSA received the green light to start building the Unity Stadium on the Island of Uhm, and construction of this major sports arena was finished in 1978. The Unity Stadium houses two sport fields and two sets of 6-lane athletics tracks, with a capacity of 72,000 spectators per field (144,000 total) since the stadium's renovation in 2120-2121. [1]

Department of Football

The Department of Football is the oldest department of the Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance, and used to be only involved with the national and amateur football leagues, until the formation of the Ropa-Topia national football team for a combined Uhuh-Topian and Uhuh-Ropean participation in World Cup 30.

Since then the team has participated in several World Cups (and affiliated tournaments like the Baptism of Fire and Cup of Harmony) and two Uhuhland Cups. The team used to share its players with the national teams of Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa (those two teams only participated in competitions inside Uhuhland, but since the Third Uhuhland Cup, the Ropa-Topian team represents both Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa even at competitions within Uhuhland.

Tournament Host(s) Result
First Uhuhland Cup 1 West Ariddia Uhuh-Ropa: Second
Uhuh-Topia: Fourth
Second Uhuhland Cup 1 Ariddia Uhuh-Ropa: Did not qualify
Uhuh-Topia: Fourth
Baptism of Fire 19 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega and Legalese Eliminated in round of 16
Third Uhuhland Cup 2 Ropa-Topia Ropa-Topia: Second
Uhuh-Ropa: Did not qualify
Uhuh-Topia: Third
Fourth Uhuhland Cup 2 Ropa-Topia Ropa-Topia: Second
Uhuh-Ropa: Did not qualify
Uhuh-Topia: Third
World Cup 30 The Islands of Qutar and Schiavonia Did not qualify (6th of 8 in group)
World Cup 31 The Lowland Clans and Vilita Did not qualify (4th of 10 in group)
Cup of Harmony 23 Casari and Fmjphoenix Current event
  1. The Ropa-Topia national football team did not exist yet at this time. Players from the Uhuh-Topian and the Uhuh-Ropean team would later be selected for the Ropa-Topia team.
  2. Teams representing Uhuh-Ropa and Uhuh-Topia participated in these Uhuhland Cups as well. Both teams consisted of players who were not selected for the Ropa-Topian national team.

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Department of Olympic and Ylompic Games

The Department of Olympic and Ylompic Games wasn't formed until the start of the First Summer Olympics in Ashford, Casari, but it became the first department to present a unified team of sportsmen at an international sporting event.

Event Host Results Gold Silver Bronze Total
First Winter Olympics Aeropag, Commerce Heights Results 1 1 0 2
Tyrellian Ylompic Games Tyrellia, Casari Results 0 3 6 9
First Summer Olympics Ahsford, Casari Results 4 5 2 11
Second Winter Olympics Keto, Commerce Heights Results Current event
Medals total 5 9 8 22

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