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Ropatopianism is a tritheistic religion based on the religion that existed in the ancient Ropa-Topian Empire. All Ropatopianists believe in the three Prime Gods: Ni, Ekki, and Zoot, but there are three branches of belief (Niism, Ekkinism, and Zootism) based on which of the Prime Gods are seen as the most important ones, and the specific order in which the different aspects of the universe were created.

The Prime Gods

The three Prime Gods are believed to be the creators and the sustainers of the universe.

  • The genderless Prime God Ni is believed to have created and become the world. Earth is Ni's body, and the air is Ni's breath.
  • The Prime God Zoot is female and she created the animals, light (the Sun), and fire.
  • The Prime God Ekki is male and it was Ekki who created plants, darkness (but also the Moon and stars), and water.

Humans are the descendants of both Ekki and Zoot.


Niists believe that the Prime God Ni is ultimately responsible for the creation of the universe, as it was Ni who brought the creations of Ekki and Zoot to life by transforming its body into the Earth, and by sustaining that life with its breath.

Ekkinism and Zootism

The differences between Ekkinism and Zootism are a lot smaller, and it is these two branches that have most followers.

Ekkinists and Zootists both believe that, even though the creations of either Prime God need Ni's body and breath, the driving forces behind every life form are Zoot's fire and Ekki's water.


Zootists believe that Zoot created the Sun and fire to bring light and warmth to an otherwise cold and dark world.

The main religious holiday for Zootists is the longest day, the summer solstice.


Ekkinists on the other hand believe that Ekki created the darkness of night (with some light still from the Moon and stars) to give living creatures a period of rest and to prevent the Earth from overheating due to prolonged exposure to Zoot's Sun.

The winter solstice is the main religious holiday for Ekkinists.

Famous Ropatopianists