Royal Aerionian Order of His Majesty the King

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Star of the Order of His Majesty the King

The Royal Aerionian Order of His Majesty the King is the highest chivalric order of Aerion. It was created by King Wasterin I, the first King of Aerion. The reigning monarch is always the head of the order, and is known as the Sovereign of the Royal Aerionian Orders of Chivalry denoting that he is sovereign over all orders of Aerion. The order is only awarded to members of the Royal Family, and foreign Heads of State.

The order has only one class: Royal Knight of All Aerion

The motto of the Order is "Rexi fas aeternus" or "To rule by law forever"


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Badge of the Order of His Majesty the King

The collar of the order is of gold. It has 11 golden crowns enamelled in purple overlaid with a stylized platinum A standing for Aerion linked by golden links studded with diamonds.

The badge of the Order is an purple enameleld Maltese Cross encircled by gold leaves centered with the crown overlaid by an stylized golden A standing for Aerion. It is crested by a crown. On the back of the badge is an phoenix rising from flames. It is worn around the neck on the collar for formal ceremonies, from the end of the sash on most others.

The star of the Order is an star with rays formed in a Maltese Cross, centered by a purple disc with a diamond crown inlaid in the center. The star is gold and encrusted with diamonds as well. Around the disc are golden leaves, and it is crested with an golden crown.

The sash (or ribbon) of the Order is dark purple silk. It is worn on the left shoulder with the badge hanging from the end on the right.

The mantle of the Order is dark purple velvet worn over suits or military uniforms. The mantle is lined with black silk; it is tied with purple tassels. On the left shoulder of the mantle, the star of the Order is depicted.

Current Membership

(Incomplete list)

HRH Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin - Grand Master Pro tempore
HRH Princess Ameria Wasterin
HRH Princess Lasheera Wasterin
HIM Emperor Andreus I Capet of Pantocratoria
HIM Elentári Sirithil nos Fëanor of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
HRH Grand Duke Mikhail II Shakhovskoy, of all Taraskovya