Royal Coat of Arms of Aerion

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Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal Coat of Arms of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion is the official coat of arms of the Aerionian monarch, and Aerionian Royal Family. It is therefore the national coat of arms of Aerion. It has its origins in the original coat of arms of the Royal House of Wasterin.

Different forms of the Royal Coat of Arms are used for the Royal Government, individual members of the Royal Family, and other official aspects.

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The pavilion is an large domed purple pavilion with ermine coat. It is crowned by the Ancient Crown.

The shield depicts an winged white wolf with an ermine coat, differentiated from the simple white wolf rampant depicting the national animal on the national flag of Aerion. Below the winged white wolf is an golden phoenix rising from flames, the most recent addition to the shield it was added by King Wasterin X to symbolize the rise of the Monarchy once again in Aerion following the fascist regime.

The crest on the shield is an double headed Phoenix, one black and one white symbolizing Light and Dark atop an golden helmet facing forward with closed grate as the traditional helmet representing a King.

The supporters are purple horses emblazened with stars, symbolizing the nomadic lifestyle of the Aerionians in their history. There are ten stars on each horse, symbolizing the ancient main twenty tribes of Aerion, and the twenty provinces of today.

Above the motto is the Star of the Royal Aerionian Order of His Majesty the King.

The motto on the Royal Coat of Arms states "Rex Coram Populo" or "King in the Presence of the People"