Royal Forces of the Federated Stars

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Royal Forces High Command (HIGHCOM)

  • Expeditionary Combat Force Command (ECFCOM) : The Expeditionary Combat Force Command (ECFCOM) is responsible for the planning, and conduct of all RFFS international operations, with the exception of operations conducted solely by the Royal Special Operations Command (RSOCOM). ECFCOM will bring together, under one operational command, maritime, land, air, stellar and special operations forces assets to conduct humanitarian, peace support or combat operations wherever they are required internationally.
  • Royal Special Operations Command (RSOCOM) :
  • Royal Military Intelligence (RMI) : The intelligence gathering branch for the Royal Forces.
  • Personnel Command (PERSCOM) : The branch that directs the promotions, transfers, recruitment, and retirement of all RFFS personnel.
  • Medical Command (MEDCOM) : Is in charge of the medical treatments and procedures.
  • Engineering Command (ENGCOM) :
  • Logistical Command (LOGCOM) : The mission of LOGCOM is to provide air, land, sea and space transportation for the Ministry of Defence, both in time of peace and time of war. LOGCOM oversees and coordinates the actions of the: Army Logistical Command, Royal Air Transport Command, Maritime Sealift Command, Marine Distribution Group and the Royal Navy Transport Command.

Royal Forces Home Guard Command (HOMECOM)

Each Star System has its own Home Guard Defence Force for self-defence in the event of invasion or to assist in local emergences such as forest fire, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. Unlike the US National Guard forces, the Home Guard can not be used outside of their home star system.

  • Army Home Guard - Solders, Armour and Mechs
  • Maritime Home Guard - Patrol Craft to Frigates
  • Aerospace Home Guard - A joint Air Force and Space Navy

Royal Forces Army Command (ACOM)

  • Imperius Division of Guards

The Guards serve as the elite Battlemech/Mobile Suit unit of the military. They consist of nine regular and five specialized units, the Imperius Light Brigade Guard for high speed rapid attacks, a balanced Imperius Medium Brigade Guards, the Imperius Heavy Brigade Guard made up mostly of Heavy Mechs and combat units, the Imperius Assault Brigade Guard made up nearly entirely of Assault Mechs and the Imperius Brigade Imperial Home Guards, which guard New Stars City, the Imperial Family and their palaces. The Royal Daggers are the most senior military unit in the Royal Stars Forces and are descendants of the personal bodyguard that was created to defend Arch-Emperor Michael I Star Imperius. Over time the Daggers emerged into a modern military unit and were eventually integrated into the RFFS.

    • Imperial Defence Force
      • 1st Imperius Assault Brigade Guards "The Crushers"
      • 2nd Imperius Heavy Brigade Guards "The Strength of Imperius"
      • 3rd Imperius Medium Brigade Guards "The Fast Swords"
      • 4th Imperius Light Brigade Guards "The Swift Foxes"
      • 5th Imperius Imperial Brigade Home Guards "The Royal Daggers"
    • Imperial Combat Force
      • 1st Imperius Guards RCT "The Flying Knights"
      • 2nd Imperius Guards RCT "The Strength of the Stars"
      • 3rd Imperius Guards RCT "Wrath of the Free"
      • 4th Imperius Guards RCT "Don't Tread on Me"
      • 5th Imperius Guards RCT "Dragon's Bane"
      • 6th Imperius Guards RCT "The Bent Sword Brigade"
      • 7th Imperius Guards RCT "Dragon Fire"
      • 8th Imperius Guards RCT "Fire Runners"
      • 9th Imperius Guards RCT "The Beasts"
  • Stars Armoured Cavalry Regiment Division (SCARD)

The SCARD is primarily a fast/medium mech combat force, with supporting hovercraft. Because of the nature of their mission and elite rating, warriors of a SCARD have their pick of the best mechs and vehicles the RFFS has to offer. However, in keeping with their mission, all units must be highly agile, having a minimum walk/cruise speed of 54kph. The a SCARD consists of 5 Battalions of mechs, each Battalion consisting of 3 Companies, 2 Battalion of hover armour, such as the M23 Fire Lion Hover Tank, M24 Fire Tiger Hover Mech/Tank Destroyer, M25 Fire Buffalo Hover Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M26 Fire Wolf Hover Scout, 1 Battalion of Battle Armour and Power Armour, 2 Wings of aircraft.

  • Stars Army Special Operations Command (SASOCOM)
    • Air Pathfinders Teams : Air Pathfinders are an elite group who secure drop zones, gathering intelligence and delivering briefings to follow-on forces they may also conduct operations ranging from ambushes and reconnaissance behind enemy lines to hostage rescue.
    • Ghost Task Force (GTF) : An Elite Counter-Terrorist Force. GTF's mission is to provide a unit capable of rendering armed assistance in the resolution of an incident that is affecting, or has the potential to affect, the national interest. GTF specializes in cold environments.
    • Ranger Forces Group : The force specializes in airborne, air assault, light infantry and direct action operations, raids, infiltration and exfiltration by air, land or sea, airfield seizure, recovery of personnel and special equipment, and support of general purpose forces (GPF), they also specialize in hot desert environments. Each Ranger battalion can deploy anywhere within 18 hours' notice.
    • Royal Airborne Commandos :
    • Special Recon Force Teams :
    • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Group :

Royal Forces Marine Command (MARINECOM)

  • Stars Marine Element Command (SMEC) The marines are the fighting arm of both the Terrestrial Naval Command and the Stellar Naval Command, and switch around every 6 years unless they would like to stay in the the Terrestrial Navy or the Stellar Naval Fleet
    • Stars Marine Terrestrial Combat Arm Called the Marine Corps, the Stars Marine Terrestrial Combat Arm is responsible for providing power projection from the sea on , utilizing the mobility of the Stars Forces Maritime Command to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces to any global crises.
    • Stars Marine Stellar Combat Arm Called the Marine Core or just The Core, the Stars Marine Stellar Combat Arm main job is to conduct combat actions on allied and/or enemy planets.
  • Royal Marine Special Operations Command (RMSOCOM)
    • Frogmen Commando Combat Group (FCCG) They're elite marines that form the Maritime Navy's elite assault force
    • Naval Dive Group (NDG) They're elite marines that do jobs such as underwater welding, mine counter measures, explosive ordnance disposal , underwater construction, repair, demolition, harbour clearing, Rescuing and salvaging, and other underwater work
    • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) They're elite marines that form the Royal Navy's elite planetary and zero-G assault force

Royal Forces Maritime Command (MARCOM)

The Stars Maritime Navy that patrols the oceans of planets.

Royal Forces Royal Air Force Command (AIRCOM)

The Royal Air Force operates military aircraft and aerocraft

  • Air Combat Command
    • Bomber Command
    • Fighter Command
    • Tactical Strike Command
  • Royal Air Home Guard Command
    • 431 Air Demonstration Squadron - Starbirds - The Royal Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Starbirds, are the elite military airshow aerobatics flight demonstration team.
  • Royal Air Training Command
  • Royal Air Transport Command The Transportation Command, and provides airlift, special missions, aerial refueling, and aeromedical evacuation for troops.
  • Royal Air Material Command
  • Royal Air Special Operations Command (RAISOCOM)
    • 909 Wing - 909 Wing operates all the ground-based anti-satellite and anti-spacecraft defences
    • 999 Wing "The 999" The 999 Wing operates all the Air Forces Nuclear weapons
    • Combat Search and Rescue Division - These SAR Techs are highly trained specialists who, under combat conditions, provide on-scene medical attention and rescue for military aviators, mariners and others in distress in remote or hard to reach areas
    • Search and Rescue - SAR Techs are highly trained specialists who provide on-scene medical attention and rescue for civilian aviators, mariners and others in distress in remote or hard to reach areas

Royal Forces Stellar Naval Command (STARCOM)

The Royal Navy

  • Royal Forces Stellar Fleet Command (FLEETCOM) - Fleet Command directs all vessels and naval stations throughout AFFS space
  • Royal Stellar Special Operations Command (RSSOCOM)
    • Special Weapons Division (SPECWEAPDIV) - Operates the naval Special Battle Task Force's
  • Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) - The intelligence gathering branch of the SSNC
    • Special Naval Warfare Group (SPECNAVWAR) - Branch of the ONI

Royal Forces Reserve Command (RESCOM)

Primary Reserve : When a RF member elects to leave the regular forces they must spend two to four years in a local reserve unit.

  • Army Reserve
  • Marine Reserve
  • Air Reserve
  • Maritime Reserve
  • Space Navy Reserve

Supplementary Reserve : The supplementary reserve is part of the Royal Forces Reserve Command and comprises a call-up list of former regular and reserve-force personnel who can be considered for reactivation in the event of a national emergency.

Royal Forces Mercenary Command (MERCCOM)

The MERCCOM commands and oversees the mercenary regiments & companies operate in the UE.