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Royal Isselmere-Nieland Ordnance (RINO) is a crown corporation consisting of a series of factories distributed throughout Isselmere-Nieland for the production of military matériel for the United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland Defence Forces (UKINDF), such as munitions and propellant, artillery pieces (in conjunction with private firms), small arms, and body armour. Its subsidiary, the Royal Arsenal of Isselmere-Nieland (RAIN), is responsible for designing and testing ship armour for the Royal Shipyards of Isselmere-Nieland (RSIN).

RINO is also responsible for the Isselmere-Nieland Ordnance numbers. These are known as:

  • Logistics numbers for ground or amphibious vehicles, artillery pieces, and small arms (LxxxYY);
  • Ordnance numbers for bullets, shells, and rockets (MXyyyAz);
  • Propellant numbers for various propellant (gunpowder) mixtures (PxxxYY).

Small arms and crew served weapons, excepting guided weapon systems (which follow DPA numbers and the UKINDF Uniform Designation System), and ground and amphibious vehicles each receive a set of INO numbers. Ground and amphibious vehicles

INO numbers

INO numbers form a sequential classification scheme for ground vehicles, small arms, guns, and ordnance. To a degree, it is duplicated by the Defence Procurement Agency's DPA numbers.

For ground or amphibious vehicles, the numbering scheme begins with L followed by a number. If the same chassis, even heavily modified, is used for other purposes, it is considered to be part of a series, and the variants are given a one or two letter variant code. Self-propelled guns, however, are typically given a new INO number followed by a slash to which the original chassis number is appended. Missile launcher vehicles append the missile launch system number to the chassis number. For example:

L27 Obelisk 155mm self-propelled howitzer = L27/21
L13 wheeled heavy logistics vehicle with GWLS.57L launcher = L13/57

Ordnance numbers begin with M. Next comes the device designator (M for munitions, P for propellant charge, etc.), followed by the sequential number, with modifications denoted by A followed by a number.

Variant code

BT = Battle tank
CT = Command tank
LT = Light tank

Small arms list

Actually, small arms and crew-served weapons.

Isselmere-Nieland Defence Industries

Angrboda | Cormorant | Gargantua | Garuda | Pantagruel | Scimitar | Sea Fury | Sparrow | Spectre | Swordfish | Tiger
Countermeasures and Decoys:
Ground Vehicles:
L15 LAV series | L21 HAV series | L25 Boar SPH | Lion | Mammoth OCV
GWLS.35 | GWLS.58 | GWLS.60
Missiles and Torpedoes:
Ahab | Barracuda | Erne | Hurricane | Loon | Mako | Pelican | Sailfish | Triton | Vidofnir
Small Arms and Crew-Served Weapons:
L117 | L118 | L119 | L120
Uncrewed Vehicles:
Albatross | Auk/Puffin | Canary | Clownfish | Cuttlefish | Dodo | Dolphin | Ferret | Horus | Hyena | Iguana | Jackal
Marmot | Mule | Parrot | Penguin | Pike | Porpoise | Rook | Seahorse | Squid | Tern | Thrush | Wyvern | Urchin
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Kingdom (2005) | Lethe | Lord | Marquess | Province (2003) | River (2003) | Royal Edmund | Síanach | Town (2007) | Union | Wallace
Other Equipment:

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