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City: Rozier
City Function:Capital City
Leader:Charza Kwinn Brakiss
Football Teams:Rozier City FC, Cilas, and Imperial City

The capital city of Nojika, Rozier is located along the Northern coastline of the main-land and parts of the city reach into a small peninsula that reaches into the South Cove of Atlantian Oceania. The city serves as the home to the Nojikan government and as one of the economical powerhouse cities in Nojika.

As the largest city in Nojika, Rozier is home to many sports teams, including Rozier City FC, Cilas, and Imperial City. Rozier also boasts some of the largest buildings in Nojika; the Imperial Palace and the Je'die Temple as well as an enormously tall downtown section of the city where many major corporations have created their headquarters. As its population grows, and the city grows taller, there has become a demand for the city to spread outward along the coastlines to the East and West of the city.