SATO Space Station One

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SATO Space Station One

SATO Space Station One (SSS One) is an abandoned South Atlantic Treaty Organisation base located on the edge of the Alpha Centauri system


Technical data

  • Overall Station Diameter: 772 meters
  • Overall Station Height: 508 meters
  • Mass: 10.12 million metric tons
  • Primary Power: Fusion reactor [6]
  • Propulsion: Reaction Control Thrusters
  • Station Defenses: 5000 Killer Whale missiles; 300 Heavy NPPC
  • Shield Radius: approx. 300 meters
  • Standard Station Crew Compliment: 300


The creators of the station are long gone, their homeland disappearing in a flash of tachions replacing their nation with another dimension and bringing the Taurenor into Sisgardia. There are plenty of conspiracy theories regarding their dissapearance. There is speculation that there was an experiment gone wrong by the reckless scientists of the Diablo university but it could also have been an accident or an act of a returning Eru himself. A single act had wiped out the Diablo culture, their people and their invaluable scientific legacy. But their outpost – before the accident already abandoned and given away to its SATO allies like a used toy - survived.

For many decades, ‘SATO Space Station One’ drifted aimlessly in space on the dark edges of the Alpha Centauri system. Without any inhabitants to bring it to life, it was a gloomy mammoth structure. Four dark pylons with docking ports stuck out as a distinctive design feature of its creators, the lost nation of Diablo_NL.

The automated Reaction Control Thrusters mounted on the station had prevented the structure from getting sucked into the stars gravitational pull, but the thrusters A.I. had not been able to prevent it from tilting over and slowly turning round and round its own axis.

For a while, the SSS One had been used irregularly by the Knootians as a staging point for their first explorations into space. But advanced Valinon portal technology and imported starships from Sunset shipyards had rendered the base useless to even the Knootians. To prevent pirates from using it as a base, the entire complex was booby trapped. And so SSS One was abandoned once more, with no-one seemingly interested in claiming it. Until recently...

Current status (secret IC)

The station is now firmly inside Valinon territory due to their increased territorial claims in the Alpha Centauri system. Covertly, it has been reactivated and converted into a military base by the Knootian Defence Force. They use it to secretly store a fleet of 50 gravships built by Melkors Imperium.

In order to avoid detection, the base has been surrounded by sensor inhibitors to prevent detection, and it was moved to a position further away from Alpha Centauri's primary stars.

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