SR-1 multi-role infantry weapon model A

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Main Weapon of the Seclorian Military.

The SR-1 is the main infantry weapon of all Seclorian armed forces. It is a modular weapon capable fo being switched between Assault Rifle mode (model A), a long distance sniper or marksman mode (model M), and a heavy infantry support mode (model H). The gun is switched by opening up the housing and swapping out the barrel and internal mechanisim of the gun. Various parts can be used as add-ons for various modes. A gun can be switched without any tools and takes between 3-6 minutes, depending on the models being switched. Because of the weight of carrying both the parts and ammo for various models can be prohibitive, common infantry soldiers rarely carry more than two kits with them. Due to new load bearing technology utilized by the Seclorian military, highly trained units of special or elite troops can carry all three kits at the same time. Of course weight is not an issue for units of mechanized infantry, allowing them to rapidly adjust for their coming deployment based upon the latest intelligence. This gives the Seclorian military a crucial edge and vitally needed capabaility to change for the situation on the battle feild. All kits utilize a floating barrel and a retractable stock.


Net Weight: 5lbs. (model A), 9lbs. (model M), 11lbs. (model H). Caliber: 5.56mm NATO rounds (model A), 50cal. M82 Barret rounds (modle M), 5.56mm NATO rounds (model H). Range: 600m (A), 1.4 miles (M), 800m (H).

Note: The A model is compatable with the SGL-1. All models are compatable with the newest DEW systems.