San Adriano at the First Summer Olympics

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San Adriano's presence at the First Summer Olympics was overseen by the Sanadrianese Olympic Committee. The delegation's official sports' code is SNA.

San Adriano sent two athletes to the Games. The delegation's flag bearer was swimmer Sabrina Vannucci, 50m freestyle finalist at the Tyrellian Ylompic Games.

On day 2 of the competition, Vannucci stunned her country and the world by taking gold in the Women's 200m freestyle event. This single medal placed San Adriano in joint 33rd place on the final medal table. Vannucci herself was rewarded by having her portrait printed alongside that of Thomas Peruzzi on all new banknotes with a value of 500 Sanadrianese lira.


   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
SNA San Adriano (SNA) 1 0 0 1



  • Sabrina VANNUCCI: 1:56.52

Delegation & results



Women's 50m Freestyle

Heats: 0:24.16 (10th overall)
Semi-finals: 0:24.15 (3rd overall)
Final: 0:24.26 (5th)

Women's 100m Freestyle

  • Sabrina VANNUCCI
Heats: 0:55.07 (48th overall - did not advance)

Women's 200m Freestyle

  • Sabrina VANNUCCI
Heats: 1:56.81 (6th overall)
Semi-finals: 1:56.63 (1st overall)
Final: 1:56.52 (1st - Gold)

Women's 400m Freestyle

  • Sabrina VANNUCCI
Heats: 4:04.26 (32nd overall - did not advance)

Table Tennis

Men's Individual

loss to Mike CUTTER (MIL) in 4 sets.

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