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The Principality San Mariano
Capital: Rock De Señor
Motto: Para Nuestro Dios, Nuestro Salvador
Map: Map Of San Mariano
Population: 52,974
Official Language(s): Spanish
Religions: Roman Catholic
Government Type: Principality
Currency: Gold Point of Asgarnieu
Leader: Prince Jesus de Jesus-Martinez


The Region of San Mariano was established in 1749 and was a semi-autonomous region until 2006. It seceded from Asgarnieu to form it's own small nation. It is a protectorate.


San Mariano is a Principality ruled by the Prince Jesus de Jesus-Martinez. It's political stance is usually towards the right.

Important Places

The City of Rock De Señor is home to the Palace of The Prince. It is located in the geographical center of the city. The Grand Tower, a 211-foot structure constructed in 1795, is located in The City of Juardo.


Main Article: Military of San Mariano

The Military of San Mariano is comprised of 6,741 soldiers. There are 3 Branches:


San Mariano is home to The San Mariano Eagles, an Asgarnian Football League team. It is also represented in the Olympics.


San Mariano is a sub-tropical region. The whole nation is covered with lush fauna. Fires are not a problem. The Coastal Zone is usually more lush than the other regions.


San Mariano's official religion is Roman Catholic. Its churches are heavily influenced by Roman Catholic architecture.


San Mariano is a mostly flat country. There is, however, a large mountain to the north-east. Mt. Trujillo is a 9,947 foot peak.

Foriegn Relations

San Mariano has embassys in the following nations:

Administrative Divisions

San Mariano is divided into 3 Regions and 1 Regional City*.

  • Coastal Region
  • Mountain Region
  • Lower Region
  • Rock De Señor*


The country is served by 2 major rail systems. It is also served by the San Mariano National Highway System. There is also a large public-transport bussing system.


  • International
    • Rock De Señor Internacional
  • Regional
    • Escuela Aeropuerto Regional
    • Spaniola Aeropuerto Regional


  • San Mariano Seaport
  • San Mariano Harbor, Juardo


  • Tren Regional de Rock De Señor
  • Tren Regional de Juardo
  • Tren Regional de Spaniola
  • Tren Regional de Escuela


  • Carretera Nacional de San Mariano

Cities and Towns

  • Cities
    • Rock De Señor
    • Juardo
  • Towns
    • Escuela
    • Vargas
    • Rio Verde
    • Spaniola
  • Villages
    • Ignad
    • Azecta
    • Ojaveido

Other Information

International Codes
Internet code (TLD).smo
Naval Vessel CodeSMS
Civil Vessel CodeSMCV
Telephone dialing code+8008
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