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citizen of Errinundera
former ambassador to Ariddia
The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is sandribl.

Before being appointed as ambassador to Ariddia, sandribl had a distinguished judicial career culminating in an appointment to the Errinundera Ultimate Magistracy lasting five years. Like so many Errinundrian career diplomats she was a post-graduate student at the First Creek Falls Lyceum, after graduating from her native Delegate Law School.

sandribl gained considerable diplomatic experience in the embassy at Tanah Burung where she proved herself an astute judge of character and an effective organiser. She also developed a passion for skindiving in the pristine waters of Tanah Burung. Her reputation for clear thinking and persuasiveness led to her appointment to the senior post in Ariddia.

She served in Ariddia as ambassador for many years. In that time the relations between the two nations blossomed due to similar ideals of the nations, eg vegetarianism, a shared love of football and the tireless work of the diplomatic staff from both countries.

Upon retiring she pursued her love of skindiving. As Errinundera is a landlocked nation she spent most of her remaining years in Ariddia.

Errinundera's current ambassador to Ariddia is the eminent jurist snapisnapiestu.

Ariddia also maintains an embassy in Errinundera, headed by Ambassador Audrey Melei.