Sandrine Leduc

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Sandrine Leduc
Goalkeeper / Captain

A football player who competed in the World Cup as part of the team from the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia.

Status: retired
First appearance: World Cup 25
Last appearance: World Cup 29
Caps: 105
Goals: N/A

Leduc began her international career with the somewhat unenviable task of guarding the goal cage of a highly inexperienced team, Ariddia at the time not having played internationally for over half a century. Predictably, the Rouge-et-Noirs fared dismally during their first appearance, in World Cup 25, but slowly began to improve, as did Leduc’s skill.

During the Draggonni Inviyatii Pre WC Showcase in Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Ariddia suffered a humiliating 2-7 defeat at the hands of New Montreal States, and Leduc left the field in tears. She resigned from the national team shortly thereafter, but accepted to rejoin when invited to do so before World Cup 27.

She is a tall woman, with long blond hair and green-blue eyes. At the age of 40, Leduc was the oldest member of the team in World Cup 29, and the most experienced. Subsequent to Ue Alt retiring, she became captain - the first ever female captain of the Rouge-et-Noirs. Domestically, she plays for the Union Sportive d'Albinhac in Nouvelle Macedoine.

Leduc also played with (and captained) the Ariddian women's football team in the second Women's World Cup.

Preceded by:
Ue Alt
Ariddian national football captain

World Cup 29

Succeeded by:
Hanifah Kyaw
Preceded by:
Captain of the Ariddian national female football team

World Cup 2

Succeeded by:
Hanifah Kyaw