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Flag of Sativaville
Motto: "It's Always 4:20 Somewhere"
[none yet]
Region the Q Continuum
Capital Marleyville
Official Language(s) English, Rastifarian
Leader Cheech Chong
Population 86 million as of 5/20/1908
Currency Weed Seeds 
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On February 28, 1904 the free land of Sativaville became fully independent of Qazox. For 300 years prior, Sativaville, a 420 square-mile island located approximately 90 miles south of Wickedable, the area was colonized by independent farmers from Qazox. Upon arrival on this glorious isle, the settlers found vast field of wild hemp.

Sativaville's major export is Hemp, followed closely by Legalized Marijuana. Its major Imports are: Doritos, Mountain Dew and Family Guy DVD's.

Starting in 1908, Sativaville will competein both the men World Cup and Women's World Cup. It is expected that the teams will do very little on the world stage as most players are too laid-back to play.

Sativaville is one of few teams ever to win the Pre-World Cup Baptism of Fire beating Mrkvejna 2-1 in the finals.

At Women's World Cup 10 Sativaville knocked off defending champions Qazox in the quarterfinals, and wound up beating Jeruselem for third place, after losing to Quakmybush in the semifinals.

At the Cup of harmony following World Cup 35, Sativaville finsihed an impressive 2nd place to winners Cafundeu

Sativaville at the Second Summer Olympics

At the these Games, Sativaville won Gold in Men's Basketball.

Sativaville at the Third Winter Olympics