Saturnino Vacuno

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Saturnino Vacuno
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Foreign Minister of Hell Bovines
Hell Bovine
79 years old
Favourite Item
His wooden pipe, which he carries everywhere

79 year-old Saturnino Vacuno is the current foreign minister of Hell Bovines. An old friend of the nation's duque, Mooo IV, and a reputed tobacco addict, Saturnino is also an experienced diplomat, having served as UN councilor for many years and helped to solve numerous international disputes. Before having been appointed to the post of foreign minister, Dr. Vacuno had been the nation's ambassador to long-time ally Larkinia, as well as UN councilor and a respected diplomat and university teacher.

Mr. Vacuno has a doctorate in international relations and he is reputed to be an excellent tango dancer as well. Ideologically speaking, he's among the most leftist members of the Hell Bovinian cabinet, although he has always advocated peaceful relations with capitalist countries. It was this radicalism what reputedly led him to confrontations with the more conservative vice-duque Whitey Bighorns, according to recent rumors.