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Scorinate is a term used primarily in the NationStates sporting community, and refers to the generation of match results using a spreadsheet, program, or other utility as official result (compare: simming). Such utilities are often called Scorinators. Two popular scorinators are Leagion, a Java program created by Rejistania, and NSFootySim, a Java program created by Bedistan.


The history of scorination started with the first World Cup when Ariddia used dice to generate match results. Dice were also used in the second tournament in Alasdair I Frosticus: 1-4 counted as rolled, 6 counted as nil, and all fives were rolled again, with the second die roll counted as rolled.

Spreadsheets & Programs

Total n Utter Insanity introduced a spreadsheet for WC3. Until WC12, spreadsheets were the only accepted method of scorination, but in WC13, Rejistania created the first scorinator written in a programming language, mainly to compensate her missing knowledge of Excel and similar programs.

If scores are not as you want them to be, the first reaction normally is to "blame Margaret".

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