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Flag of Segasaturn
Motto: Land of Saturnia
Not available
Region Dhalgren
Capital None
Official Language(s) English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Segasaturnian
Leader None
Population 800.9 Million (2003 est.)
Currency None 
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Following three centuries under the rule of France, Segasaturn became an independent nation in 1975 following a war for independence - which lasted ten years, distrupting industrial and agricultural output. By far the second-largest and most populous country in South Columbria, Segasaturn overcame more than thirteen years of mlitarial state & capitalist imperial governance in 1992 when the Segsaturnian working class revolted and established a federation of Communist Anarchist communes.

Segasaturn is a industrialized federation, however, the communes are collectively aiming for the complete upgrading of the Communist Anarchist federation's manufacturing industrial, public services, and agricultural infrastructures; needed after the last federation-wide upgrade in early 1995-late 1996 and the need to mobilize Segasaturn for the services and needs of the new century. Collectively using vast natural resources and due to the collectivity and cooperation of all communes, it's economy is current the most important economy in South Columbria and it is the main Communist Anarchist leader in the region.

In the world, it's the second most important Communist Anarchist federation; influencing the affairs of many regions throughout the globe.


Country Name:

Conventional long form: The Anarchist Communes of Segasaturn
Conventional short form: Segasaturn

Government Type:

Communist Anarchist federation of communes collectively controlled by workers' soviets


There is none. The Federation of Segasaturnian Communist Anarchist Communes (FSCAC - a anti -authoritarian channel that serves as a means of coordinating the economical & political activities of all communes, as well as implementing the main federation-wide decisions of the population through this channel) selects the commune that will be the main place for their meetings during the year.

This is only put out of practice during times of war and serious conflicts that can affect the Communist Anarchist Federation. This also means that the meeting place will be moved to a safe place which can be easily defended at all times.


Total: 89,000,000
Major Communes: Saturn City Commune, New Harlem Commune, New Antwerp Commune (Neiuw Antwerpe), Sparta, Nakarjana (Nakarja), Fort Carter, Sudport, Hannoverstadt, Nakagashi-Hiramoto, Obbstadt, Harmond, Davenport, Maachen-Furkenfort, South Saturn City, Nord-Neue Hamburg.


October 6, 1975 (From France)


First Constitution: April 3, 1976
Communist Anarchist Federational Constitution: Volume I: Feburary 28, 1993
Communist Anarchist Federational Constitution: Volume II: March 23, 1998

Legal System:

Basic legal system is written in constitution and is based off of the temporary legal system established before Feburary 28, 1993

International Organizations:


Diplomatic Representation:

Segasaturnian Diplomatic Collective (SDC)

SDC Main Offices/ Federational Office Building No. 1
123-SW Servantem
Offices #AR
Saturn City Commune
Anarchist Communes of Segasaturn
Mail Code #123-SW-456905
Fax: 89-213-3435
Tel: 89-343-3453

SDC Davenport Commune Offices/ Communal Office Building No. 4
234-E Glourious Revolution
Offices #2B
Davenport Commune
Anarchist Communes of Segasaturn
Mail Code #234-E-347675
Fax: 56-344-3444
Tel: 56-452-3535