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The Dominion of Sendersdale
sendersdale.jpg SAF11.JPG
The flag of the Sendersdale The Senderlian Coat of Arms
Motto: E Mari Merces (Wealth from the Sea) - Royal
Loyalist to the Nation - National
National Anthem: The Sea of Glory
Region Toronto
Capital Monhire
Largest city Voloroy
Official Language(s) English, French
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - High Chancellor Nicholas Alexander
 - King of Sendersdale Kaholi Daniels II of Windsor
Confederation of Nations Merger of the Gallis and Logimis nations
 - Total 245241km²
 - % water 4.6%
Population 239000000
Currency Senadi Dollar (SND)
Timezone UTC-4
 - Summer (DST) UTC-5
Internet TLD .snd
Calling code ++011
NS Sunset XML

The official name of Sendersdale is The Dominion of Sendersdale or Le dominion de Sendersdale. Sendersdale is a UN Member they are also considered as Democratic Socialist. Much of the priority of the country is its Law and Order. This can be thanked because of its history. Much of the nation is culturally active in sports from ice hockey to basketball to soccer. Although the native sport known as Urban Sprinting is gaining popularity around the nation. The Komodo dragon is considered as a national icon although the Forest wolves are gaining popularity also.

The Dominion of Sendersdale is a very large, safe nation, renowned for its punitive income tax rates. Its compassionate population of 194 million are fiercely patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they tend to view other, more capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt. It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Education, and Defence. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Sendersdale's national animal is the Komodo Dragon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests. Military service is compulsory for at least 6 months, for students between the ages of 16 - 20.

Civil Rights: Good
Economy: Good
Political Freedoms: Below Average
Regional Influence: Negotiator

Information as of February 22th, 2007.


- I call the former ruling country(s) as mother country(s). Think British, NS? -

Most of ancient Sendersdale history has been lost and forgotten by most of the world for hundreds of years. All that was known was the era Sendersdale historians refer as the Colonization Era. With new land discovered towards the west, many people of the older nations have been vying for some of it. Many colonies were established around the present day nation. After 100 years of colonies, most of the northern tier colonies banded together to form the new nation of Gallis, cutting connections from their former mother countries.

Period of Colonization and Chaos
The nation of Gallis became increasingly imperialistic. With its eyes focused on the lands in the west, the country ordered much of the population to settle it. This had caused much frustration to the lower colonies (still loyal to their mother countries) as mini skirmishes had become common between Gallis forces and Colonial militia and troops. Soon Gallis stumbled upon the indigenous people of Sendersdale. The Sommish people led an assault on Gallish city-states. With the inner Gallish nation under pressure, the nation went into economic collapse. Coinciding with the clash, most of the colonies merged into one colony under one new mother country after the Fourth Oceanic War (not fought on Sendersdale soil). Seeing the ample opportunity to seize the Gallish government once and for all, Colonial troops razed most of the Gallish lands with help of the Sommish. After the 10 years of instability on in the country, the Sommish became weary of the Colonials. This led to the Second Colonic Wars leading most of Sendersdale in chaos. With accusations against the government of the mother country, and rumours of international intervention against them, the mother country had left present day Sendersdale leaving it in a warlike state.

The Fall of Emperor Hayes, and the Gallish Empire

Period of Calm and Union
As skirmishes with Sommish and post-colonial soldiers decreased, along with much of the former Gallish empire beginning to rebuild itself, many people marked this as the period of calm. The former colonies began to merge into one nation called Logimis. The Sommish people slowly returned to their former lives controlling much of the Western forest, and the Gallish people began to rebuild their nation. Although this period could not last as tensions grew between the New Gallish Republic, Sommish States and the Logimis Republic. With fears of another period of chaos the Gallish and Logimis people met for a way to bring peace to their lands. Originally planned in the conference was a proposal for a Non Aggression Pact. George Sangras instead proposed a union between the two states against the Sommish people. With that the Dominion of Sendersdale was born (the name was taken from linked colonial roots between the nation).

The Fathers of Sendersdale's Confederation.
Fathers lg.jpg

Period of Reconstruction and Modernization
Despite the union of the two nations, this did not scare much of the Sommish nation. During the Summer Equinox, most of the Sommish Komodo Riders (Komodo Riders was the name of the Sommish riders, they actaully rode horses while wearing a Komodo headdress) devastated outlying cities of the nation. This led to the Agrasi War (Agrsai was the first city to be attacked by Sommish forces). Pushing the Sommish to the tip of the Northwest areas of the land, the Sommish surrendered. The surrender included taking all Sommish lands in the name of Sendersdale. With that, the nation of Sendersdale grew to what is now present day.

Sommish Komodo Riders charing at Sendersdale 1st Calvary Unit.
Sommish Riders.jpg


The federal parliament is made up of the High Chancellor and two houses. One is the elected House of Commons and an appointed Senate. Each member in the House of Commons is elected by electoral district. General elections are called by the King or Queen of Sendersdale when the upon the High Chancellors request. While there is no maximum term for a Parliament, a new election must be called within five years of the last general election. Members of the Senate, are chosen by the High Chancellor and formally appointed by the King or Queen of Sendersdale. The position of High Chancellor, Sendersdale's head of government, belongs to the leader of the political party that has the majority support in the House of Commons.

Sendersdale's constitution governs all the basic laws within the country and and consists of written text and unwritten traditions and conventions. It also contains Sendersdale Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The charter also contains a notwithstanding clause that allows the government to override certain Constitutional sections for a period of 1 year.

Sendersdale's three major political parties are the Conservative Party of Sendersdale, Liberal Party of Sendersdale, Socialist Sendersdale Party. The current government is formed by the Conservative Party of Sendersdale. Although there are smaller parties in Sendersdale, they have not taken any seats in the House of Commons.

Minitries of the Government includes:

  • Ministry of Defence / Ministère de la défense
    • Department of Internal Defence / Département de la défense interne
      • Division of Civil Order / Division d'ordre civil
    • Department of Offensive Strategy / Département de stratégie blessante
  • Ministry of Oversea Territories / Ministère des territoires d'Oversea
  • Ministry of the Environment / Ministère de l'environnement
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Preservation
  • Ministry of Affairs / Ministère des affaires
    • Department of Foreign Affairs / Département des affaires étrangères
      • Division of Trades / Division des commerces
    • Department of Domestic Affairs / Département des affaires domestiques
      • Division of Corporations / Division des sociétés
  • Ministry of Labour / Ministère de travail
  • Ministry of the People / Ministère du peuple
    • Department of Education / Département d'éducation
    • Department of Welfare / Département de bien-être
    • Department of Healthcare / Département des Soins de santé
  • The Treasury / Le Trésor
  • Postal Ministry
  • Ministry of Transportation


Sendersdale's judicary has an important role of interpreting laws and has the power to strike down laws that violate the Constitution. The highest court in Sendersdale is the Supreme Court of Sendersdale. The number of judges the Supreme court has usually is 7 or 9 (although the past 50 years, the Supreme court has had 9). These judges are appointed by the King or Queen of Sendersdale (on the advice of the High Chancellor). Provincial/territorial Superior Courts of Justice's judges are chosen through the same process, although with provincial/territorial involvement. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is the highest appeals courts for offshore/protectorate countries/colonies. Common law is the basis of the Sendersdale law system. Enforcing these laws is the sole responcibilty of the provincial governments, although the Rogorith Protectorate and the territories depends on the Royal Police Riders of Sendersdale.


The Senderlian Armed Forces (abbreviated as SAF) is the combined forces of Sendersdale's army, air force, and navy. The Sendersdale Armed Forces are divided into six enviromental catagories: LANCOM (Land Command), AIRCOM (Air Command), SEACOM (Naval Command), SENCOM (Sendersdale Command), SEFCOM (Sendersdale Expeditionary Force Command) and SOFCOM (Special Operations Forces Command). The country of Sendersdale practices compulsory military service for atleast 6 months from citizens ages 16 - 20. It is currently unknown if EMI00, Sendersdale's Intelligence force is a part of LANCOM, it's own command, or even apart of the SAF Agreement.


EMI00 (pronounced E-ME-Double O) is the intelligence and counter intelligence agency of Sendersdale. Almost nothing is known of this agency other then information released from the government. It is unknown if EMI00 is apart of LANCOM, if it is a command on it's own, or if it is even if it is covered under The Sendersdale Military Act, 1966. If it wasn't that would mean that the agency was officially not apart of Sendersdale Armed Forces. If this is true, then EMI00 reports directly to Ministry of Defense, and not to SAF Command.

Space Expeditionary Unit

The Space Expeditionary Unit is a joint program operated by both the Senderlian Armed Forces, along with the government and the Space Oversight Committee (SOC), a civilian oversight organization. The program is fully sponsored by the government.

The Space Expeditionary Unit (or SEUCOM in the military) is covered by most bills regarding the Senderlian military with the exception of those under the Senderlian Military Act, 1966.


The F-302 Wolf, a scraped experimental Advanced Fighter, created for both terrestrail and space warfare.

Diplomatic Task Force

The Diplomatic Task Force is in charge of the security of all Sendersdale embassy grounds in foreign nations. The DTF, or the Blues as they are commonly called (as they where a blue beret), are also in charge of security operations of both Peace Park and International Square (where all foreign embassies are located in Sendersdale). The DTF however has no jurisdiction inside those embassies, or outside Sendersdale soil (other then Sendersdale embassies abroad). The Diplomatic Task Force is not covered under the Sendersdale Military Act, 1966, but under the Diplomatic Missions Act, 2007, which covers all of the DTF policies.

Senderlian Coast Gaurd

The Senderlian Coast Guard is a federally run agency. The Senderlian Coast Guards are responcible for search and rescure and protecting Senderlian Coast Guard. However, during wartime, the Senderlian Coast Guard reports directly to SAF High Command. The Coast Guards however are still considered a seperate entity and not apart of the SEACOM.

Administrative divisions

The Dominion of Sendersdale is divided into 4 Provinces and 2 Territory. The four provinces Gallis, Logimis lie towards the eastern oceans while Forêt lies between the two seaboard provinces and territories. The Protectorate Rogirith populance has recently voted to join the Dominion. They are officially apart of the Dominion on July 1st. The final two territories are the Sommish Territory and the New Osi territory. Currently New Osi is waiting for it ascension to province hood while Sommish citizens do not want province hood. The capital of the country, Monhire is not a part of any province. It holds the unique Senderlain State State (or SSS). So they are not considered either a province or a territory so their taxes are directly managed by the Federal government.


Oversea Colonies

New Sendersdale was recently founded by Jaques Coutou. It is currently considered a Crown Colony, which means the government is solely controlled by the government. The government governs almost all matters (except local mattes, left to the Sendersdale Local Authority) in the colony.

The island was a much needed asset as it nearly doubles the size of the country before. New Sendersdale is currently 111,390 km². Currently the population of the island is only 5 million but steadily growing. Most of the population lives near the sourthern border facing Sendersdale. As of current, there is debate in parliament to see whether or no the island should be given territorial status, giving the colony it's own local government. The government however states that they need to stabilize the situation first with outlaw settlers and get most of the colony organized.

The colony of Aridia is also administrated by the Senderlian government. Aridia is in the region with the nation of Toopoxia

Geography and Climate

Sendersdale is currently situated made up of a mainland and one large island (the Rogorith Protectorate). Sendersdale coastlines rest upon the Atlantic Ocean. Sendersdale is 133 851km². The population density of 1494.1 people per square kilometre. Although the majority of the population lies on the East coast. Much of the Eastern part of the country is forst lands, while most of the Sommish Territory made up of prairie. Small mountains (roughly around the size of 1000m) also run across much of New Osi Territory and spills a little bit into the Forêt Province.

The temperatures across is country is usually moderate, cool summers, and cold winters. In the summer, the temperature can range from 15°C - 25°C. In the winter, the temperature ranges from -5°C to -15°C, although the windchill would make it fell near -20°C to -30°C. Since Sendersdale is surrounded by the Atlantic, it has a lot of precipitation each year, making flooding in some parts of the rural country a problem. In the winter, snow cover tends to be high.


Sendersdale's government is currently trying to work out the fiscal economy of the country. With a GDP of $1,345,233,011,485 and a GDP of $7,351 Per Capita, the people have seen better times. Although they many people say that it is getting better. Currently the exchange rate of Sendersdale is 1 Senadi Dollar = $0.55. Unemployment in the country is currently 15.3%. The tax rates are quite high at 91%. As of current, the dominiant Sendersdale private sector is the automobile manufacturing. Services, mining, fishing, and small farms are also booming industries. The country is also trying to start off it's offshore oil operations in 2006.

The Agravi Elise, created by the Senderlian Motor Company. Lotus.JPG

(February 16th, 2007)

Demographic and Language

Much of the population is either Asian, white or aboriginal, with the majority religion being either Roman Catholic or Protestant.

The national language of Sendersdale is English and French, although there are a growing number of Chinese speakers. Much of the Sommish language is still preserved and is also taught in some schools today. Each year, the population grows by 6.29%. The literacy rate of the country is 100% as of current. Currently, English is the most widely spoken language with more 55% of the population having the language as it's mothertongue and with 94% of the population being fluent in the language. Second would be French, followed by Chinese and then Sommish. Currently, pro Chinese officials have been trying to pass the language as an official language of Sendersdale. Sommish currently is the official language of the Sommish Territory.

The majority of the country is white with a majority of 64%. Although Asians are the largest minority of 20%, followed by the Sommish (9%), and others (7%).

Language Mothertongue Secondtongue
English 54% 94%
French 20% 68%
Chinese 16% 42%
Sommish 7% 10%
Others 3% 10%


Education in Sendersdale is public. In Sendersdale, the Department of Education lists what is needed in the cirriculum. Although the provinces and territories are actually responsible for education. This allows the provinces and territories to teach what is required by the government, while reflecting their own regional history, culture and geography. The mandatory school age is from 4 to 16. The mandatory cut off date from high school is 21, after which, they would attend adult school. Postsecondary education is the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments that provide most of their funding; the federal government provides additional funding through research grants. In 2002, 43% of Sendersdale aged between 25 and 64 had post-secondary education; for those aged 25 to 34 the postsecondary attainment reaches 51%

  • Post Graduate Education
    • Doctoral Degree
    • Masters Degree
    • Honours Bachelor's Degree
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Associate's Degree
  • High School/Secondary School
    • Grade 12 (17-18)
    • Grade 11 (16-17)
    • Grade 10 (15-16)
    • Grade 9 (14-15)
  • Elementary School
    • Grade 8 (13-14)
    • Grade 7 (12-13)
    • Grade 6 (11-12)
    • Grade 5 (10-11)
    • Grade 4 (9-10)
    • Grade 3 (8-9)
    • Grade 2 (7-8)
    • Grade 1 (6-7)
    • Kindergarten
      • Senior (5-6)
      • Junior (4-5)


Sendersdale's two official languages, English and French, are the mother tongues of 54% and 20% of the population. On July 2, 1950, under the Official Languages Act, The country officially had an official language. Before English was considered the De Facto language of Sendersdale. English is mostly spoken in the Gallis, Logimis, New Osi, although most people are fluent in it throughout the country. French is spoken in Forêt, and parts of Sommish, Rogorith and the coastlines of Gallis and Logimis.

The two largest minority language is Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Sommish. Sommish is mainly spoken in Sommish, while Chinese is mainly spoken in the Western coastlines of New Osi, and some cities in Logimis. Both these languages are currently pressing to make their languages official. As the Sommish were the natives of the land, while Chinese is known by atleast 20% of the population.


On 1934, the Senderlian government created the Sendersdale Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the National Film Board of Sendersdale (NFS), and the Sendersdale Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (SRTC). These groups and other laws passed by government were created to preserve the distinctly Senderlian culture. Senderlians often pride themselves over their freedoms and their Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They also pride themselves as a multicultural society. The polar bear, the maple tree and the monarchy are the symbols of Sendersdale.

Sendersdale's official national sports are ice hockey for winter, and Basket-Ball for the summer. Hockey is a national pastime and the most popular spectator sport in the country. It is also the most popular sport Senderlians play. Other national pastimes included soccer, football (American), baseball and urban sprinting. The country competes in the winter and summer olympics, excelling in the winter olympics while doing quite well in the summer as well. The country has leagues for ice hockey, basket-ball, baseball soccer and football league. Urban Sprinting is a sport growing in popularity, which the Sommish natives used to play in the 18th century.

Shootout.jpg An ice hockey shootout between the Mongras Capitals and the Agincourt Sabres.

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All facts from here. Historical facts from cleared government archives.