Sentient Civil Rights Act

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The impetus for the Sentient Civil Rights Act was born amidst a cauldron of international contention: witnessing the growth of power in the resurgent Facehuggerian Empire, and the attitudes and actions of a score of other nations in regards to civil rights violations of sentient creatures, the Commonwealth Congress of Arizona Nova voted to pass a law guaranteeing civil rights to sentient creatures. This action would "draw the line" to warn other nations that Arizona Nova would be intolerant of such violations, especially within their sovereignty. Secondly, those nations who weren't xenophobic would know, quite clearly, where Arizona Nova stands - in fact, there are hopes that the SCRA will be a rallying point for anti-xenophobe nations. Thirdly, it will hopefully draw xenoform sentients to come to Arizona Nova, as they now have a guarantee of rights. It is widely considered a cornerstone of Arizonan policy, with importance analagous to that of the Constitution to the United States of America.

The Sentient Civil Rights Act was later adopted by several nations (sometimes under the name "Sapients Bill of Rights"), and has also inspired a national holiday - "We are All Sapients" Day - in Arizona Nova and Love and esterel.

The Original Act

Sentient Civil Rights Act

Witnessing the cruel oppression of sentient beings the galaxy(s) over, by varying degrees by certain nations, The Commonwealth Congress has recognized the need for a definition of what qualifies (and what disqualifies) a creature from possessing sentience, and by consequence, the civil rights available to the Citizen of Arizona Nova.

An Act Recognizing the Fundamental Civil Rights of all Sentient Creatures and Constructs, defined forthwith as this:

  • 1. Possessing the capacity for intelligence, defined as the ability to solve problems and learn.
  • 2. Possessing self-awareness, and the capacity to think independently*; to be able to act against instinct/programmed laws or not be bound to act only upon instinct/programmed laws.

The Fundamental Civil Rights of all Sentient Creatures and Constructs are recognized as thus:

  • 1. The Right to Life
  • 2. The Right to Freedom from Slavery In Any Capacity
  • 3. The Right to the Pursuit of Property, Free Trade, and Commerce
  • 4. The Right to Free Speech
  • 5. The Right to Due Process of Law and Justice
  • 6. The Right to Full Equality and Integration

All Sentient Creatures and Constructs are likewise bound by all Arizonan law, and violations of the civil rights of Other Sentients as listed herein this law will be punished to the full extent of the law, without discrimination.

*Hive Minds are a noted exception to the rule – an amendment specifically dealing with hive minds or “networked” AI/DSs shall be crafted at a later time.

The Act remains open to Amendments as long as the State endures, binding that those amendments do not oppose or limit the Original Statutes of the Sentient Rights Act.

This Act was penned by Tellenius Ryltar, Representative of the World of Ondataru, in the Arizonan Common Era Year of 472. It was Approved by the Commonwealth Congress, The Imperial Cabinet, and by the Hand of Anithraldur I, Servant of God, Emperor of Arizona Nova, and Lord Protector of Nominor. From the Fifteenth of the First Month of the Common Era Year of 472, this act is recognized as law in the entirety of the Sovereign State of Arizona Nova, and all affiliated territories. Approved by the Nominorian High Council, the Lebowan Commune, and other Free State Organizations within Imperial boundaries.

The First Amendment

Additional Civil Rights - First Amendment Added Arizonan Common Era Year 473

  • 7. Right to an Education
  • 8. Right of the Use of Governmental Facilities
  • 9. Right to Protection
  • 10. Freedom of and from Religion
  • 11. Right to Free Assembly

Additional Rights Suggested by: The Unified Worlds of Siesatia Diplomacy and Treaty Department

The Second Amendment

"Additional Sentient "Prerequisites"- Second Amendment Added Arizonan Common Era Year 478

  • 3. The capacity to communicate.