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Flag of Serapindal
Motto: "We distort, and you can't retort!"
Region Aberdeen
Capital Ceulla
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Leader Avlis Axrath
Population 1.75 billion
Currency Dollar 
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National Population
1.75 billion (as of September 27th, 2005)
November 21st, 1956
National Holidays
January 1st - New Years Day
January 16th - Workers Day
March 14th- Pi Day
April 1st - April Fool's Day
April 3rd - Veteran’s Day
First Monday in May - Easter
The First Friday of May- No Pants Day
May 16th - Memorial Day
July 22nd - Pi Approximation Day
August 13th - Big Block o' Cheese Day
The Last Friday of July - System Administrator and Internet Forum Moderator Appreciation Day
September 1st - Labour Day
October 31st - Halloween
September 17th- Talk Like a Pirate Day
November 21st - Independence Day
December 23rd - Festivus
December 24th - Christmas Eve
December 25th- Christmas Day
First Friday the 13th of the Year - Blame Someone Else Day.

25 years old, universal.
Executive Branch
chief of state: Avlis Axrath
head of government: Valad Dinoa



Avlis Axrath
Vice President
Valad Dinoa
State Minister
Gustav Hastings
Treasury Minister
Akio Katsuro
Interior Minister
Junko Yuri
Commerce Minister
Adalard Diederick
Defense Minister
Hans Günter
Transportation Minister
Yakim Yegor
Environmental Minister
Spyridon Karp
Educational Minister
Arisu Naoko
Propaganda Minister
Franz Siegmund
Law and Public Order Minister
Helena Rut Science
Technology Minister
John Smith
Labor Minister
Simen Benedikte
Agriculture Minister
Doris Abigail
Human Services Minister
Vasili Valeri
Energy Minister
Bob Wilhum
Veteran's Affairs Minister
Thorstein Juuso
Foreign Affair's Minister
Katinka Faina
Homeland Security Minister
Hwang Hsu
Culture Minister
Ida Elisabeth
Justice Minister
Syuzanna Maryana


Age Structure
0-17 years: 25.4% 18-49 years: 41.6%% 49-65 years and over: 15.7% 65 and older:17.3
Life Expectancy at Birth
87.5 years for Men, 90 years for Woman.
Ethnic Groups
Russians: 21% German: 21% Nordic: 20% Non-Russian Slavs:20% East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean):20% Jewish: 3%

Other: 1%

Christianity (Any Denomination): 70% Deist: 11% Agnosticism: 7% Islam: 3% Judaism: 3% Buddhism: 3% Hinduism: 2% Atheism: 0%
The National Language is English, but many also speak Mandarin, Russian, German, Japanese, and Korean.
Definition: Age eight or over, can read and write. Literacy Rate: Almost completely totally 100%.
The IOS, is on an island, measuring about ten million square kilometers, and is in the main island of a small group of islands. The Main Island is more then eighteen million square miles, with four other nations of about 2 million square kilometers on it.