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Flag of Shihuangdi
Motto: Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair! (quote from "Ozymandias")
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Region East Asian Dominion
Capital Xi'an
Official Language(s) Qin Dynasty Chinese
Leader The Giant Wang XVI
Population ~1 billion
Currency stone donut 
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Shihuangdi is a modern capitalist nation founded on the ancient Qin dynasty precepts of legalism, as well as the Fascist ideology promoted by Mussolini and Hitler. It was founded during the Chinese Cultural Revolution by students at the rebellious University of Xi'an. The students organized almost 5 million peasants in a revolution against its mother country. They were united in the belief of the resurrection of the original China under the ancient emperor Qin Shihuangdi. Today Shihuangdi is massive in comparison to many of its Chinese neighbors.

The legalist element figures highly into Shihuangdi's style of government. Everyone is subservient to The Giant Wang, as the emperor is affectionately known. They are almost completely free, with the exception of his revolutionary land reform policies and mandatory conscription. At the same time, the emperor is completely responsible to the people. One clause of the Shihuangdi constitution allows the people to assassinate The Giant Wang at will. Nevertheless, all of these assassination attempts are subdued when the imperial army captures the perpetrator, and the emperor discusses a settlement. The people directly elect many provincial magistrates, who in turn elect the emperor in a fashion similar to the Roman Catholic conclave. The emperor still handpicks a large number of interior ministers.

The fascist element plays an equally influential part. The people of Shihuangdi believe that fascism is a direct descendant of legalism: everything within the state and nothing outside of it. Within the free-market capitalist system, an extensive number of government-controlled labor unions have been established to respond to the needs of workers. At the same time, the imperial government plays off a number of influences from large criminal organizations, such as Falun Dafa, The Crazy 88, and the Angel Triads. In recent history, however, there has been relatively little strife in Shihuangdi, and the region ranks among the most prosperous in the region.