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Long ago, a nation called Demonic Terrorists committed routine genocide, terror, and repression against a small island off the coast of Africa called Shoobooshaaba. Later, DT became too big for its britches, committed outrageous atrocities merely for the sake of provoking international indignation, and was invaded, easily defeated, and conquered by The Burnsian Desert. Later, the people of Shoobooshaaba (called Shoobooshaabans, or 'Shoobans' for short) decided to get revenge by invading DT (which was in shambles following the invasion) and wreak havoc for its crimes against the Shoobans. Generic Empire, an ally of TBD, warned Shoobooshaaba not to attack DT, as DT was Burnsian territory. Shoobooshaaba refused, and was invaded by Generic Empire, Borman Empire, and The Parthians. The Shoobans, armed only with arrows, spears, and other crude, primitive weapons, were defeated quickly and easily. GE, BE, and The Parthians divided up Shoobooshaaba among themselves; later, Roach-Busters, a close friend of the three, was given one-fourth of Shoobooshaaba as a gift. Shortly afterwards, the Shooban slave trade began, and soon countries throughout the world, especially allies of GE, BE, The Parthians, and RB, had thousands, millions, or even billions of Shooban slaves. Hunting Shoobans was and is a popular pasttime in many countries, including The Parthians and RB.

More info on Shoobans:

Average height: 3'5"-4'

Average weight: 35-50 lb.

Average I.Q.: 50-60 (highest ever recorded was 75)

Description: Huge hands and feet, a hunchbacked pose, an uncoordinated walk, and make loud goose-like honking sounds when hurt or frightened. Speak limited English. Extremely stupid, only able to carry out the simplest of tasks, but are hard workers. Will eat just about anything. Breed very quickly (like rats). Filthy creatures, they never bathe, and emit a disagreeable odor. They follow a pagan religion, and often worship ancestors or pagan idols and deities. Shoobans are also famous for having very long, hard-to-pronounce names. Shoobans are not human beings, but animals; however, they are very near impossible to classify or categorize. Normally docile, they became extremely ferocious, rabidly violent, and extremely angry whenever the word 'sausage' is uttered (no one knows why, though). Several slave-owners have been killed when making the mistake of saying that word.