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Flag of Shutthehellup
Motto: "How many have to die before no one ever dies again?"
Map Not Available
Region Axis of Absurdity
Capital Whydontyou, Shutthehellup
Official Language(s) Shutthehellupyoubastards, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kalmyk, Jive
Leader dual Presidents elected to maximum of two 4-year terms
Population over 8.1 billion
Currency Whatthehellisthiscrap 
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The Nice Warm Glass of Shutthehellup is a massive, fuzzy nation-state senselessly located in the Axis of Absurdity region.

The Thinkandtalkhouse of Shutthehellup (the main three-chamber legislative body) and the Hereswherewestartfrom of Shutthehellup (the Constitution), describe Shutthehellup as a Liberal Social-Democratic Federal Republic.

United Nations (aka, shutthehellup, we know there's other people out there!)

Shutthehellup is, inexplicably, a member of the United Nations.

UN Categories

Shutthehellup's current UN Category is Civil Rights Lovefest.

However, it has been classified as a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise, Left-Leaning College State, New York Times Democracy, Left-Wing Utopia, Liberal Democratic Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, Anarchy, and possibly others, at various points in its history.

Economy (aka, pinko lefties)

The Nice Warm Glass of Shutthehellup's largest industry is currently book publishing, although the private sector as a whole is tiny and private enterprise was completely nonexistent until a recent, very slow, and very limited liberalization of the economy. The wealthy and businesses are still generally viewed with suspicion. The average income tax rate is 100%, yet the economy is classified as "Powerhouse" by the UN.

International Economic Organizations and Treaties

Shutthehellup has been a member of the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies and a signatory to the International Fair Trade Agreement for most of its history.

Double-Headed Penguins (aka, good eatin')

Thousands of double-headed penguins (the official animal of Shutthehellup) freely roam the streets of most major cities, which is quite convenient, since Double-Headed Penguin Foie Gras Ice Cream is the #1 dish eaten by adults and children alike.

Crime (aka, the kids are all right)

Foreign observers often note the rampant youth-related crime, however, this is slightly misleading, since under the extraordinarily liberal Shutthehellup law code, most actions which are considered crimes in nearby nation-states are entirely legal.


There are only three prisons in the entire country, a remarkably low number for such a massive population, with one of the facilities entirely dedicated to housing inmates serving the mandatory 1-week sentence for failing to comply with Section 66.82 of the Shutthehellup legal code, which requires participation in the annual Kiss a Double-Headed Penguin Day.