Siblinghood of Mishfish

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The Siblinghood of Mishfish is a monastic order in the traditional beliefs of the Vranith Mountains. They live in a secret temple located somewhere in the mountains, known as the Sanctuary of Mishfish.

The monks (both male and female members of the order are referred to as monks) dress entirely in brown, apart from senior members who wear white. They refrain from eating meat or using any kinds of animal products, and train for hours every day so that they are in excellent physical shape. It is thought that they have almost supernatural abilities. Members cast aside their old names and take on another, more spiritual name.

New members are recruited by parties of monks who take bright children from rural villages, paying off their parents with large amounts of money and food; where they get this is unknown. In Qalustan, where religion is largely discouraged, they have stepped down their operations, but they have by no means halted them.

Their leader is unknown, but a senior member, Sister Long Summer, has been observed by the Qalustani authorities. She wears a white, hooded cloak and rides a grey horse. Accounts indicate that she has a Northern Qalustani accent, and has also been heard speaking in English. She is known to have red hair and dark blue eyes.