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The Sidersis religion is the religion of the Akaeian Sidersite ethnic group.

The Sidersis religion draws upon four holy books for the majority of its teachings. The religion is unique in that the Sidersis Gods and Goddesses, known as Eternals, are not benevolent or interested in mortal affairs. Time spent worshipping them or praying to them is time wasted. There are 10 Eternals, and they are in constant competition to prove that one is better than the other, but in fact they are all equal. Anything they do, they do to twart another's plans to in an attempt to prove themselves the best. Earthquakes and volcanoes and poisonous creatures and sickness and other things that make life hard or bad are the work of the Eternals to ruin one another's creations. In the beginning, however, the first woman, Achanaea, was raped by one of the Eternals, and from this she bore two twins, a male and a female, who were half Eternal and half mortal. These children became known as the Psei'Danin, or Children or Danin, after the male twin. After a while had passed, Achanaea bore two twins who were all mortal, through the first man, Phaeron. From these two come humankind.

The four books describe what transpired from this, the beginning, until after the fall of the city of Psei'Danis and the scattering of the Children of Danin.


High Priestess Adreiara Edanentros