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Population: 13 Nations
Delegate: Asiatic Land
Founder: Fart Blossom
Map: Found Here
Stats: NSEconomy

This article deals with Simtropolis as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

The Region

The Simtropolis Region is a collection of nations whose founders also belong to Simtropolis. All Simtropolis member's nations are welcome.


Geographically, the region is located in a layer of the "Multiverse Cake", in what the RL layer thinks of as the North Atlantic Ocean. The region contains three connected continents, which surround the Gulf of Simtropolis.

Travel time in RP between Simtropolis and other regions should be as if leaving from Greenland's longitude, and a northern latitude.


A collection of all of the maps of the Simtropolis Region. For most maps, clicking on them will bring it to full size.

NOTE: Some maps may have incorrect names for bordering countries, this usually happens when a country ceases to exist. The Regional map is usually updated all the time. Also, many maps are outdated due to the recent major change in the regional map.

Regional Map

Map of the Simtropolis Region

Country Maps

The following links are for maps of individual countries
Map of Audland
Incomplete map of Batheia Thalassa
United States of Schnabo
Map of New Rhodesia (very large)
Map of the Holy Vartorgan

City Maps

The following links are maps of cities within Simtropolis Region countries, Adobe Flash Player 9 is required

Interactive Flash map of New Rhodesia*A work in progress*
Interactive Flash Map of Broadbandpolis (Capital of The Digital Network) *Final version in progress*

Map Credits

Simtropolis Region - Kedalfax
Audland- Kedalfax Batheia Thalassa - Batheia Thalassa
Map of New Rhodesia - Rhodesia Newydd
Map of Broadbandpolis - The Digital Network
United States of Schnabo - Schnabo

Time Zone

The Simtropolis region is split into 4 time zones, ranging from UTC-1 to UTC-4.

  • Western Simtropolis Time(UTC-4)
  • Central Gulf Time (UTC-3)
  • Eastern Gulf Time (UTC-2)
  • New Rhodesia Time (UTC-1)

Atomic clock signal for the Simtropolis Time Zones is broadcasted from SARDN (Society of Atomic Research at The Digital Network) based in Broadbandpolis, The Digital Network.

Daylight Savings Time

Some nations in Simtropolis participate in Daylight savings time, where an hour is added to the time in the summer. This is a list of the nations participating in Daylight Savings Time, and the dates between which they do so:

  • The Digital Network: 2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November
  • Simtropolia: 2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November


Main article(s): Currency in Simtropolis

There are multiple different currencies in Simtropolis. Most important is the Simoleon. The Simoleon is Simtropolis' regional currency, which many nations use.

Alliances & Treaties


International Extradition Treaty

Providing the power to extradite criminals to their country of origin. Criminals that will face the death penality in their own country can not be extradited. Any country inside and outside the Simtropolis Region can sign this treaty. The treaty was made by Kedalfax, and was subsequently signed by The Digital Network. Many (Wiki page holding) Simtropolis nations belong to the treaty.

The Website is a SimCity 4 and SimCity Societies fansite, home to a large, friendly bunch. It boasts over 187,000 registered users, as well as a building and lot exchange with over 10,000 files.

The Members

The following countries are members of the Simtropolis Region, as of 25 August, 2007: (Time zones for nations on the regional map only)

NS flag.jpg Nation Name UN ST Nick ST CJ Time Zone(s)
Anjay Fischbob
Asiatic Land flag.jpg Asiatic Land UN member godwin1020
Audland.jpg Audland UN member simzebu -2
Eddonionia edd17
Foxenburg UN member Fox
Groznyj.jpg Groznyj UN member GrayWolf115
Macania.jpg Macania Rymac91 -3/-4
Metropolitan houston.jpg Metropolitan Houston UN member shasta -2/-3
Polioa UN member
Goobergunch Sim_Air
SimNewtonia.jpg Sim Newtonia
Socialist Rodina UN member sepsis
TDNSmallFlag.jpg The Digital Network UN member bevanl -1/-2
Toright UN member
Uytland UN member JanYpe members that have countries in different NS Regions

The Delegate History

This is a timeline of past Delegates

The Other links
The Digital Network Stock Exchange (DNSX)
Kedalfaxian Stock Exchange (KSX)

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