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Flag of Sinisland
Motto: Long Life to the Duc
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Region Rineu
Capital Sinisland
Official Language(s) English, Spanish, Sinislôn
Leader Duc James III of Sinisland
Alexander Vitesse, Prime Minister
Population 310 million
Currency Ducettes 
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The Grand Duchy of Sinisland is a Nation located in the Region of Rineu,in an Island, at the center of the Continental mass of Rineu, that has made the Nation progress in economies and politics.


First Years

Firstly habited by human beings since 700 BC, the Sinisland became the center of economy and politics of the surrounding land. With a brilliant mind, they soon were high over in regional influence for nearly 1000 years.

Conquered with no resistance by Nassauer Explorers, the island became the new economical center of the Nassauer Empire, leaded by the King James Mildereij, near 1609. Small, with productive lands and an excellent port, this made the territory an economical power in the Region.

With a big inmigration rate, Sinisland became home of nassauers that were looking for money, because Nassau was passing by a crisis that left the nation without money, so, the desesperation of looking for an economic progress disolved controling the rich island. And, as the inmigrants were received with pleasure by the natives, they mixed up and created a new wealthy and smart social group, that dominated Sinisland, and it does still now.

The Status of Grand Duchy

In 1674, James I died and his son, James II, became the King of Nassau. James II, with a broad mind, and a sharp eye for business, broadened, the limits of the Sinislandian economy, that passed to the creoles and natives hands in no more than a decade. A golden age in Sinisland was born, prosperity existed for nearly 46 years. James II, in his will, decided to give the third son of the Nassauer Royal Family the Sinisland.

Obtaining the state of Grand Duchy, the first Duc was Alexander, that governed over Sinisland for nearly 16 years, mantainig the line of economical and political progress of the Nation.

The death of Alexander, that was a true friend of Sinislanders, and was aware with their power, died in 1707, with no descendance, although his children would not inherit the Duchy.

The War of Three Months

As the Duchy had no leader, the Sinislanders revolted from Nassau in 1708, under the leadership of a rich businessman called Olivier Pousson, and started a war against the mother country, destroying a powder deposit of the Nassauer Royal Army. The Admiral, Lord Wrichett, dispatched their attack firing the Port of Bleuen, the principal base of the revolters.

After nearly three major battles, two taken in the Sea, with the objective of delaying the disembarkment of Nassauer Troops, finally, Lord Wrichett achieved his goal and in Gairinth, he beated 20,000 revolters with only 8,000 men.

Since that devastating war, the Sinislanders mantained ordered under the leadership of 43 Ducs, mantaining prosperity for 400 years, with a discrete regional participation

New Age and Regional Integration

In 2007, the Duc of Sinisland joined the Region of Rineu, the first association in where Sinisland participated in the modern times.

Sinisland in Rineu

Joined: April 9th, 2007

  • Assembly Member (since April 9th 2007)
  • Minister of Education to the Region of Rineu (April 19th 2007- May 11th 2007)
  • Member of the Rineu Liberal Tolerance Party (since April 19th 2007)
  • Minister of Education to the Region of Rineu (May 12th 2007- July 12th 2007)
  • Chairman of the Academy of Rineu (May 25th 2007- July 12th 2007)
  • Leader of the Rineu Liberal Tolerance Party (since June 21st 2007)
  • Minister of Finance and Economical Development
  • Prime Minister of the Region of Rineu

Geography and Economics

With a particular terrain, the island is home to plains, nearer to the south coast and higher terrain in the northeastern coastline. This makes the climate smooth, perfect for all types of economical activities that are related extensively with nature.

The coast allows an extensive fishing and commerce, with numerous bays, that allow the creation of ports, like Bluen, the very first nassauer settlement in the region. Also a commercial and more industrial center of the Nation, it holds the Castle of the Orangerie, that is the host of the General Council, the Higher Chamber.

The center is plain, with fresh water lakes and rivers. The safety of the center allowed the construction of the capital, Sinisland, founded by the inmigrants. This is the commercial center of the nation, as it is well the location of the Royal Palace, where the Grand Duc lives, the House of Representatives meets and the Prime Minister works.

The North is perfect for natural resources, tea and wine, principal exports of Sinisland, are raised here. Huge plantations are held in the mountains, a smart agricultural system is existent there.

Government and Politics

The 1806 Constitution, the First and only legislative document, the oldest in Sinisland and in Rineu, was inspired in the fairness of the sinislandian legislation and the strict and detailed nassauer legislation.

  • It declares the Grand Duc of Sinisland their Head of State, proveinient directly from the House of Nassau, and it can be elected Head of the Royal Sinislander House if a referendum gives its aprobation by 66.66% of voters.
  • The Head of Government is the Prime Minister. It is elected every 4 years by every man and woman in age of voting,(18 years). It can't hold a seat in the House of Representatives, but in the Council yes, if he has only a noble ascendance.
  • The Legislature is composed by two Chambers. The Chamber is the Royal Council, represented by 2 members by each Departmentand 7 Noble Members, with honorary charges, with the ability of voting only in their land domestic affairs. The Lower Chamber is constituted by a proportional number of representants to their district and their department. It has the main activity, debates and voting is taken in place, but it is only possible to advise the Council in international and budget issues.
  • The Judicial is composed by the Supreme Court, that coordinates differences between departments and does impeachement processes to any political authority. It has as dependant the Public Court, that judges all cases.

Companies Owned


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